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The Subterranean Chart of the Azurite Mine

The Subterranean Chart is the screen that shows the nodes and paths of the Azurite Mine. It is used to select new paths to delve through, collecting rewards and unlocking new paths in the process.

The Subterranean Chart screen can be reached in several ways: by talking to Niko, Master of the Depths in Highgate or in your hideout; by clicking on the Subterranean Chart area of the Mine Encampment; and within the mine, by clicking on the Crawler when it is parked at a checkpoint (or by clicking on a checkpoint itself if the Crawler is not there).

Mine node structure

The Subterranean Chart shows all the mine nodes that are reasonably close to mine nodes that the character has reached. Each node has 1 to 4 paths connecting it to other nodes.

When a player's first character in a league reaches the Azurite Mine for the first time, only a single node is cleared, just below the mine entrance. All the other nodes in the mine are uncleared. To reach the uncleared nodes and collect their rewards, the player will generally need to Delve one node at a time -- starting at a cleared node, fighting along a path to reach an adjacent uncleared node, beating the encounter at the uncleared node's checkpoint, and thus clearing that node. But Niko's mineshaft can speed up progress at first.


As a player's highest-level character in a league levels up, Niko will gradually dig a mineshaft. The mineshaft is shown on the Subterranean Chart as a vertical string of cleared nodes starting at the mine entrance and going straight downward. When a new mineshaft node is created, it destroys any previously-existing node in the same spot. The mineshaft depth is shared by all of the player's characters in a league, and is based on the player's highest-level character in that league. The mineshaft will eventually stop growing when it reaches depth 34 (monster level 68).

The mineshaft acts as a catch-up mechanic, allowing a character to have challenging nodes available even if the player ignores the Delve mechanic for long periods of time during the campaign.

Other chart screen elements

  • If the character is currently inside the mine at the Crawler or at a checkpoint, a "Return to Mine Encampment" button at the top left will teleport the character back to the Mine Encampment, much like a portal normally would.
  • If the character is in the Mine Encampment after using "Return to Mine Encampment", a "Return to Mine" button at the top left will teleport the character back to their previous place in the mine.
  • The upper right corner of the screen shows the currently-available levels of Azurite, flares, dynamite, and Voltaxic Sulphite.
  • The lower left corner of the screen shows the type of terrain in the part of the mine that the mouse cursor currently points to. (Terrain in deeper parts of the mine can have modifiers that make progress harder; these modifiers are shown in the lower left as well.)


  • Dragging the mouse scrolls the chart vertically and horizontally.
  • The scroll wheel zooms the chart in and out.
  • Hovering the mouse over any node in the mind shows the details of that node, most notably the monster level and ending encounter that will occur if you try to Delve to that node.
  • Clicking on a cleared node in the mine immediately moves the character and the Crawler to that node's checkpoint.
    • This does not currently work for Mineshaft nodes, even though they look identical to cleared nodes. However, you can still access all nodes in the mine by using the other controls.
  • If the character is currently in the mine at the Crawler, clicking on an uncleared node that is adjacent to the character's current node will set up the Crawler for a Delve to that uncleared node.
  • If the character is currently elsewhere in the mine, clicking on an uncleared node that is adjacent to a cleared node will move the character and the Crawler to that adjacent cleared note, and set up the Crawler for a Delve to that uncleared node.
    • This does work for uncleared nodes adjacent to Mineshaft nodes, and allows you to successfully Delve to nodes adjacent to the mineshaft.
  • Pressing Ctrl+F allows you to search for mine nodes based on their text. This is useful for finding nodes with particular encounter types or rewards.
  • The map can be searched for a specific depth. For example, typing "depth:500" in the search box will automatically focus onto a depth level 500 node.