Haunted Remains

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Haunted Remains is an Azurite Mine node that has two variants. They are found only in Abyssal Depths biome.

Version 1

The "normal" version of this node spawns waves of Ancient Phantasm and then Ancient Wraith and finally (usually rare) Ancient Suffering as boss. If the boss is not killed, additional adds continue to spawn.

This variant drops generic items such as armour pieces, jewellery, basic currencies, etc.

More rarely, the node will state Contains Mana or Curse Items which drops items with Delve drop-only modifiers related to mana or curse, as well as mana or curse related fossils, essences and unique items. The loot container is called "Inspiring Armour" or other specific name.

Version 2

There is a more rare version of Haunted Remains node which is very similar to an Abyss encounter in campaign and maps. A giant pit will spawn waves of Abyss monsters. Eventually a Gazing Jewellery chest appears, containing Abyss jewels.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Chests in the Haunted Remains encounter no longer open automatically when the encounter completes.
  • Introduced to the game.