Restless Rubble

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Restless Rubble is a node in Azurite Mine. It can spawn in multiple biomes and may contain generic loot, despite sometimes having a mod specifying the kind of loot that will drop. For example, the Contains Lightning Items version of the Restless Rubble node seems tied to the Sulphur Vents biome, and spawns lightning golems.


In the Mines biome it spawns Chaos Fragments and Chaos Sentinels as adds and normal rarity Energy Locus as bosses. Sometimes the Mines version of this node uses the monsters of the Fungal Caverns version instead.

In Frozen Hollow it spawns Ice Golems and Disturbed Voidite as adds, and golem monsters (in rare rarity always?) as bosses. (The 3D model is similar to Obsidian Golem, thus probably the ice golem version of the Arctic Golem.)

In Fungal Caverns it spawns Disturbed Fragments and Disturbed Rocks as adds, and Disturbed Geodite as bosses. They are stone golems and may spawn as normal or magic monsters.

In Magma Fissure it spawns Fire Golems (same 3D model as Volcanic Golem), and Magma Golems as adds and Magmatic Golem as a unique boss.

In Sulphur Vents it spawns Lightning Orbs and Stormstruck Golems as adds, and Maelströms (usually in rare rarity?) as bosses.


Version history

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