Aberrant Fossil

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Aberrant FossilStack Size: 20More Chaos modifiers
No Lightning modifiers
Place in a Resonator to influence item crafting.
Drop restricted
Drop level: 1
Found in Fungal Caverns and Abyssal Depths biomes in the Azurite Mine.
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Currency Item
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Currency/CurrencyDelveCraftingChaos

Aberrant Fossil is a fossil type.

Item acquisition

Aberrant Fossil has restrictions on where or how it can drop. Found in Fungal Caverns and Abyssal Depths biomes in the Azurite Mine.


Aberrant Fossil can be created from the following recipes:

5The Tinkerer's TableThe Tinkerer's Table55x FossilTrying to bring your vision to life is enough to drive you mad.Random fossil x5A
1Fossilised IncubatorFossilised IncubatorStack Size: 10Adds an incubated Fossil item to an equippable item
Item drops after killing {0} monsters
Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.
Random fossilA
1The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.Random divination card set exchangeA

Can also be acquired in one of two ways in the Azurite Mine:

Spawn Weight Multipliers

Using this fossil multiplies the spawn weights of all modifiers with lightning tags by 0 and chaos tags by 10.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Item modifier tags have been entirely reworked with a goal in mind of consistency and simplicity. These changes have negligible impacts to the odds of various modifiers appearing on rare items naturally, but may have impacts to the results of certain crafting methods. A list of all modifiers and their associated tags can be found here.
  • As a result of the above changes, several fossil descriptions have changed slightly.
  • (In Manifesto) Corroded FossilsCorroded FossilStack Size: 20More Physical Ailment or Chaos Ailment modifiers
    No Elemental modifiers
    Place in a Resonator to influence item crafting.
    and Prismatic FossilsPrismatic FossilStack Size: 20More Elemental modifiers
    No Physical Ailment or Chaos Ailment modifiers
    Place in a Resonator to influence item crafting.
    now affect mods with both the Physical and Ailment or Chaos and Ailment tags rather than the Bleeding and Poison tags. The Bleeding and Poison tags are no longer used.[1]
  • Above poison tag change also affects Aberrant Fossil. [Undocumented This change was not documented by any official sources. It was discovered through player testing or datamining.]
  • Fossils can no longer craft any prefix or suffix mods that cannot be obtained elsewhere, with the exception of those granted by Faceted, Bloodstained and Hollow Fossils. Implicit modifiers (such as the one which changes an item's vendor sell price) remain.
  • The following mods have been relocated, while all others can no longer be obtained:
    • On Boots: +2 to level of socketed Chaos Gems (now from Hunter's Influence)
    • Belt: Increased Chaos Damage (now from Hunter's Influence)
    • Rings: Fire/Cold/Lightning/Physical/Chaos leech modifiers can now exclusively be found from special elemental Delve encounters.
    • Weapons: Chance for Poison/Bleeding inflicted with this weapon to deal more damage (now found from Elder's Influence)
  • Introduced to the game.


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