Ruined Chamber

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Ruined Chamber is a type of Azurite Mine (Delve) node that spawns in Vaal Outpost biome.

The node can be re-visited, however, player cannot revisit the room below. The door to the room below is tied to the first visited instance only. Regenerate the node instance will wipe the access of the room.

Room below the surface level

The room below the node is actually known as City Chambers according to the text of the door switch. However, the text on the stair that actually "portal" you downstairs is known as Vaal Ruined Chamber.

The room below the surface level of the node contains several chests of loot. It used to contain the socket colour Crafting Bench recipes before they were moved to The Mines Level 1.

The room is also similar to Primeval Chamber Delve nodes. The room has light pads that need to be stood on for a few seconds to clear the monsters.

Loot containers

The loot containers of this area is known as:

Crafting recipes

No results

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.