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"The stash in Lioneye's Watch."
The stash in Lioneye's Watch.

The stash is a large inventory, accessible by all characters the player has in the same league. The stash is located in each of the game's towns as well as in hideouts.


Each stash tab is 12x12, for a total of 144 grid spaces. By default, the stash has four tabs.

Items in the stash are separated by league, meaning a character in the standard league can't access the stash from the hardcore league, also, characters not in an event cannot access the Stash of those who are (ie: your Standard characters cannot interact with the Stash of those in the Delve Event). Effectively, players start with four separate tabs in each league, including events such as races. The player's stash on any permanent league will retain its contents, even if there are no characters on that league (e.g. if a player's only hardcore league character dies, the hardcore stash content will be available again when a new hardcore character is created).

Tabs can be rearranged by clicking and dragging their name along the row. There is also vertical list of the stash tabs using a drop down menu on the top right corner of the stash screen.

Tabs can also be stored in stash tab folders as a sub-directory for the folder tab.


Tabs can be assigned affinities for certain types of items. When Ctrl+clicking an item in your inventory to send it to the Stash, the item will get sent to the tab with the assigned affinity instead. Each affinity can only be assigned to one tab, but a tab can have multiple affinities assigned to it.

You can set affinities for the following item types: Currency, Map, Flasks, Gems, Essence, Divination Cards, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Blight, Metamorph and Delirium (Details on which affinity an item are the same as the items special tabs can store). You cannot assign mismatching affinities to specialized tabs.

You can also assign affinities for the Heist Locker, Expedition Locker, Relic Locker, and possibly other types of stashes used for a challenge league.

Remove-only Tabs

When a temporary league is ended, that league's stash will be moved over to the stash of its parent league. Tabs from the temporary league will appear as remove-only tabs in the parent league. These tabs will remain indefinitely, but items cannot be put into them, even items which started out in that tab. Once a remove-only tab has been emptied, it will disappear.

Event prizes and event rewards will be awarded using remove-only tabs containing the item.

Purchasing new tabs while the player has remove-only tabs will not create new tabs, but rather convert the remove-only tabs to permanent tabs. While this means the player will still end up with more permanent tabs per league than before, note that this will not create any new space in the stash if those remove-only tabs were already full.

Buying Extra Tabs

More stash tabs can be bought or upgraded to premium through microtransactions. Premium stash tabs can be coloured and renamed by right clicking on the tab name. Right-clicking on an item in a premium stash tab allows the player to set a note on the item (for instance the buyout price) which makes it accessible to third-party trading websites through the Public Stash Tab Api. Here's a video showing how it works: Path of Exile Premium Stash Tab Teaser

Currency stash tabs have designated slots for each kind of currency item. Each slot can hold up to 5000 of that item.

Every three weeks there is a sale on all stash tabs during week end, announced by an in game message.

There are 18 options for buying stash tabs found in the "Stash tabs" section of the store. The price between parenthesis is the price during sale:

  • extra stash tab: 30 (20) points
  • stash tab bundle (6 normal stash tabs): 150 (110) points
  • premium stash tab: 40 (30) points
  • premium stash tab bundle (6 premium stash tabs): 200 (165) points
  • upgrade to premium stash tab (1 normal stash tab upgrade to 1 premium stash tab): 15 (10) points
  • Currency tab: 75 (60) points
  • Divination tab: 50 (40) points
  • Essence tab: 40 (30) points
  • Fragments tab: 75 (55) points
  • Map tab: 150 (120) points
  • Premium Quad tab: 150 (120) points
  • Uniques Tab: 140 (110) points
  • Blight Tab: 40 (30) points
  • Ultimatum Tab: 40 (30) points
  • Delirium Tab: 40 (30) points
  • Delve Tab: 40 (30) points
  • Gem Tab: 40 (30) points
  • Flask Tab: 40 (30) points

Increasing the tab count with these purchases will apply to every league (even the future ones). The maximum number of tabs the system can handle has been said to be over 64,000.

Special tabs

  • Currency Stash Tab: Holds currency items, up to 5000 or 50000 of each item. Also contains 14 slots for miscellaneous currency items and one item slot.
  • Essence Stash Tab: Holds Essences, up to 5000 of each. Essences can be upgraded from the tab using the Upgrade button. Also contains 4 slots for miscellaneous currency items and one item slot.
  • Divination Stash Tab: Holds divination cards, up to 5000 of each.
  • Premium Quad Stash Tab: A 24x24 premium stash tab, as big as four stash tabs.
  • Map Stash Tab: Holds maps. Up to 72 of each map can be stored. Also displays atlas objective completion for each map base. Maps of one type of legacy series can be stored and can be bulk converted to the most recent set.
  • Fragment Stash Tab: Holds fragments of various kinds, including map fragments, breach and legion splinters, breachstones, blessings, emblems, scarabs, Offering to the GoddessOffering to the GoddessIt is time for the Goddess to give her final verdict.
    Your fate rests in her even hands.
    Travel to the Aspirants' Plaza and spend this item to open the Eternal Labyrinth.
    (regular and enriched), and Divine VesselDivine VesselUnique Boss deals 10% increased Damage
    Unique Boss has 10% increased Attack and Cast Speed
    Unique Boss has 10% increased Life
    Unique Boss has 20% increased Area of Effect
    Power is a curious thing.
    It can be contained, hidden, locked away,
    and yet it always breaks free.
    Can be used in a personal Map Device, allowing you to capture the Soul of the Map's Boss. The Vessel containing the captured Soul can be retrieved from the Map Device. You must be in the Map when the boss is defeated.
    s, maximum of 5000 per item. Also holds up to 72 Invitations for the Maven and the Eldritch Horrors each.
  • Unique Stash Tab: Holds one of each unique item. Alternate art uniques and extremely limited uniques have a hidden slot.
  • Delve Stash Tab: Holds fossils and resonators, up to 5000 each. Also contains two item slots.
  • Blight Stash Tab: Holds up to 5000 oils of each kind and up to 60 blighted maps. Oils can be upgraded from the tab using the Upgrade button. Also contains one item slot with four item slots for oils for anointing.
  • Ultimatum Stash Tab: Holds up to 5000 of each catalyst and up to 60 Inscribed Ultimatums. Also contains one item slot.
  • Delirium Stash Tab: Holds up to 5000 Simulacrum Splinter, Simulacrum, and Delirium Orbs and 60 delirious maps. Also contains four 1x1 item slots.
  • Gem Stash Tab: Holds up to 500 gems. Gems can be sorted and filtered by colour, level requirement, gem level, and quality.
  • Flask Stash Tab: Holds up to 500 flasks. Flasks can be sorted and filtered by flask type, item level, flask base, and quality.

Guild Stash

Main page: Guild Stash

Once the player joins a Guild, each town and hideout will also have a Guild Stash near the regular stash. Guild stash contents are shared with all members of the guild, with view/add/remove permissions as set by the Guild Leader. These permissions are set separately for leader, officer, and regular members, and can be applied to each tab by right clicking on its name.

Guild Stash tabs can be bought for 50 points in the Guild section of the store. Guild tabs are automatically Premium stash tabs that can be recoloured and renamed, however they are currently not re-arrangeable.

Item's Info

By hovering over an item and then clicking ctrl+c, the item's info is copied onto the clipboard. For example, this can be useful in importing items into POB.

A button to copy item's info also exists on POE trade website.

Highlight Items

At the bottom of the Stash page is a powerful search tool labelled "Highlight Items". By typing keywords or using Regex code, items in the Stash matching the search query will be highlighted with a yellow border and all other items will be greyed out. This does not change Stash behaviour - players can still interact with a greyed out item.

Highlight Items searches will scan ALL text associated with an item including:

  • Any text visible when hovering over with the cursor. There are a few exceptions to this see Miscellaneous section below.
  • The hidden item level visible when hovering while holding ALT
  • Hidden keywords associated with an item eg. "currency"
  • Socketed gems
  • Microtransaction appearances applied to an item

Search tips and special syntax can be revealed by hovering over the "i" information circle next to the search box.

Search Types

Highlight Items supports the following search types:

  • Keywords
  • Text / Partial Text
  • Exact Quote
  • Special Syntax


  • The keyword 'currency' will highlight currency items, even though there is no visible text associated with them reading "currency".
  • The keyword 'augmented' will highlight any magic/rare items or items with improved quality.
  • The text 'fire' will highlight items with fire resistance, that add fire damage, or have flavor text including "fire".
  • The partial text 'wis' will highlight Scrolls of Wisdom.
  • The exact quote "two handed mace" will only highlight two handed maces, instead of highlighting items that contain all 3 words.
  • The exact quote '"Tier: 2" ' will highlight tier 2 maps, where as the search without quotations would highlight items containing the text 'Tier:' and '2', Such as a tier 1 map with item level 62.

Special Syntax Examples

  • "ilvl:X" - find items of a specific level 'X'
  • "tier:X" - find maps of a specific tier 'X'
  • "talisman:X" - find talismans of a specific tier 'X'
  • "experience: X" - find gem with specific experience amount 'X' (the space after the colon is necessary as well as any commas in the experience amount)
  • "level: X" - find gems with specific level 'X' (the space after the colon is necessary)
  • "rarity: normal" - find items of normal (white) rarity
  • "rarity: magic" - find items of magic (blue) rarity
  • "rarity: rare" - find items of rare (yellow) rarity
  • "rarity: unique" - find items of unique (Orange) rarity
  • "x%" - find items with Quality of 'X'% (percentage has to be typed, otherwise it won't filter correctly)
  • "Quality: \+x%" - find gems with a quality of 'X'% (excluding quality will find gems with percentages in their text description and not just gems of that quality)
  • ts:\s([RGBW]-){5} - searches for 6 linked items
  • ts:.*([RGBW]-){4} - searches for 5 and 6 linked items
  • ts:(?=(.*B){x})(?=(.*G){y})(?=(.*R){z}) - Replace x,y,z with numbers. It searches for items with at least x Blue, y Green, z red.
  • b-b-g|b-g-b|g-b-b|g-g-b|g-b-g|b-g-g|b-b-b|runner - Searches for 3 linked items with 2b1g or 1b2g or 3b, as well as movement speed boots. Useful for buying items from vendor for levelling a caster character.
  • r-r-r|r-r-g|r-g-r|g-r-r|g-g-r|g-r-g|r-g-g|runner - Searches for 3 linked items with 2r1g or 1r2g or 3r, as well as movement speed boots. Useful for buying items from vendor for levelling a melee character.
  • g-g-g|g-g-b|g-b-g|b-g-g|runner - Searches for 3 linked items with 2g1b or 3g, as well as movement speed boots. Useful for buying items from vendor for levelling a ranged character.
  • .-.-b - Searches for a specific colour in that socket position with minimum number of links (3 links minimum, 3rd socket blue). Usefulness questionable.

Keyboard Commands

CTRL-F will focus the search box and highlight the current search box text.

When typing in the search box, pressing Enter or clicking outside the search box will remove focus from the search box (allowing normal keyboard bindings to be used). Pressing Escape will clear the text and remove focus from the search box.


For most items the text which appears when hovering over an item is a subtext of the item's info, but for some items this isn't the case. If they differ, then the search function will use the item's info. For example, for searching for the text 'requires' does not show items containing the text "Requires Level" because the item's info is different. To search for Requires Level X you must use '"^level: X"' (the double quotes and caret are required to prevent also matching on Item Level).

Version history

Version Changes
  • The currency type dropdown now features currency icons when pricing in Public Stash Tabs.
  • Added the ability to Ctrl+Shift click items when transferring to Stash. This ignores Stash Affinities and places the item in the current Stash Tab you have open.
  • The Create New Folder button has been moved to the top right corner of the stash interface.

The "+" button to add a new stash tab now follows the same rules it did prior to 3.12.4d. It is displayed if you have room for it on the tab, but hides when the bar is full (which is generally around 10 tabs).

  • Added support for Stash Tab Folders and Stash Tab Affinities. Stash Tab Folders can have stash tabs placed in them by dragging them into folders, allowing you to organise your stash tabs however you'd like. Additionally, stash tabs can now have Affinities applied to them. The Stash Tab Affinity system allows you to designate a stash tab to store selected specialised item types in. Ctrl+clicking an applicable item from your inventory into your stash will send it directly to the stash tab with an affinity set for that item, regardless of which stash tab you currently have open, unless you have a stash tab open which has slots that match the item type you are attempting to stash. Affinities are available for the following item types: Currency, Map, Essence, Divination Card, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Blight, Metamorph and Delirium.
  • The Stash Tab list no longer closes after you select a tab.
  • Added the ability to hide Remove-Only stash tabs.
  • Added two new stash tabs (four total).
  • Can now open stash if inventory is open.
  • Enabled a second stash panel.
  • A Stash is available for storage in town.