Rog, the Dealer

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Portrait of Rog The Dealer
The Dealer
Rog The Dealer
Area: Any town
Combat area (random)
Functions: Vendor

Rog, the Dealer is a NPC introduced in Expedition league. He is the third Expedition league NPC encountered by the player.

When excavating with Rog, the area may spawn Runic monsters known as Priest of the Chalice. The Excavated Chest may contain Scrap MetalScrap MetalStack Size: 1000These can be brought to Rog to refresh his vendor inventory., Lesser Order ArtifactLesser Order ArtifactStack Size: 50000These can be used to trade with Rog., Greater Order ArtifactGreater Order ArtifactStack Size: 50000These can be used to trade with Rog., Grand Order ArtifactGrand Order ArtifactStack Size: 25000These can be used to trade with Rog. and Exceptional Order ArtifactExceptional Order ArtifactStack Size: 5000These can be used to trade with Rog.. These currencies can also drop from the league monsters.

As a vendor, he sells rare equipment. Upon purchase, he will offer to modify the item for some artifacts. You can do this up to a certain number of times before finalizing the sale. You may skip over an offer, but the price of the next offer will increase and you cannot skip an offer twice in a row.




I'm Rog. I specialise in logistics and planning. I don't know how you've survived out here on your own, but I'll do what I can to support you with my supply skills! From the back. Far from combat.


She'll never lie to you, Exile. Take that as you will.


He's as loyal a friend as you'll ever find. He would never admit this, but all his scars and injuries are the result of diving in to take a blow for one of us. By all rights, Gwennen should be half-mauled, and I should be missing a leg... but Tujen leapt between. I only feel safe enough to do my job because he's around.


(Available after the player has discovered Dannig in the wild)

Our charismatic leader is a man worthy of his position. He takes the front, the lead. I prefer to support things from a safe distance, and he, great man that he is, lets me do it. I've been on my fair share of quests and campaigns, and they keep trying to arm me and train me for fighting, telling me it was the only way I would find renown... but I aim to be the world's first famous supplymaster. That Rog, they'll say, he brought food and drink and equipment forth so promptly and so consistently, it amazed the warriors on both sides and helped win the day. Dannig tells me that this is a worthy dream to pursue. He's a good friend.

The King

Oh... I... please don't ask me about him. He is King of the Kalguur, and there are honours and levels of respect that he is due... should we speak of him. If we disrespect him... he'll know.

Order of the Chalice

I am bound by honour to discover the fate of Uhtred and the Order of the Chalice. I'll trade you for any relics that you find with their marks and runes. They were the primary priesthood and religious order that went with the initial ships to Wraeclast. They interpreted the stars and the workings of mysterious forces, such as alchemy, machinery, and runes. I've always wanted to join the Order. I quite like the idea of spending my days sequestered in a laboratory doing research.


Thousands of years ago, the last news coming back to the homeland painted Uhtred in quite the negative light. Some called him a traitor, but the details were sparse and confused. I'm here to clear his name... or condemn him. The truth stands above all.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where Rog would only offer base types that had unique versions. Rog can now offer items of any naturally droppable weapon, armour or jewellery base type.
  • Fixed a bug where Modifiers proposed to be removed by Rog were not being highlighted if you did not have the Advanced Mod Descriptions Option turned on.
  • Expedition Vendors can now offer item level 86 items in their shops.
  • When offered an option to remove Modifiers with the lowest Modifier level when dealing with Rog, the item popup will now display the Modifier which will be removed, or the possible Modifiers which will be removed (if there are multiple).
  • When skipping a crafting offer from Rog, the next craft he offers will no longer be the exact same craft you skipped, or a craft of the same type.
  • Rog’s offer to apply a random Quality type to an item will now apply 10-20% Quality (previously 1-20%). This option is no longer offered for items that already have Quality.
  • Rog now has a chance to offer to corrupt your item, with a high chance of corruption Implicits on the final deal.
  • Rog now only offers the following options for Jewel deals: Reroll Prefixes, Reroll Suffixes, Reroll Modifier Values of Prefixes, Reroll Modifier Values of Suffixes, Add a Prefix Modifier, Add a Suffix Modifier, and Corrupt the item, with a high chance of receiving a Corrupted Implicit.
  • Rog’s offers to apply random Incubators, Quality types or Anointments to items are now cheaper.
  • Rog’s offers now cost slightly more Lesser and Common Artifacts, and slightly fewer Greater and Grand Artifacts.
  • Introduced to the game.