Tujen, the Haggler

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Portrait of Tujen The Haggler
The Haggler
Tujen The Haggler
Area: Any town
Combat area (random)
Functions: Vendor

Tujen, the Haggler is a NPC introduced in Expedition league. He is the second Expedition league NPC encountered by the player.

When excavating with Tujen, the area may spawn Runic monsters known as Black Scythe Mercenary. The Excavated Chest may contain Exotic CoinageExotic CoinageStack Size: 1000These can be brought to Tujen to refresh his vendor inventory., Lesser Black Scythe ArtifactLesser Black Scythe ArtifactStack Size: 50000These can be used to trade with Tujen., Greater Black Scythe ArtifactGreater Black Scythe ArtifactStack Size: 50000These can be used to trade with Tujen., Grand Black Scythe ArtifactGrand Black Scythe ArtifactStack Size: 25000These can be used to trade with Tujen. and Exceptional Black Scythe ArtifactExceptional Black Scythe ArtifactStack Size: 5000These can be used to trade with Tujen.. These currencies can also drop from the league monsters.

As a vendor, he sells non-equipment items at the listed price, but you may haggle down for lower. Tujen can make a counteroffer or refuse to sell the item if your offer is too low.




The name's Tujen. You're to do the dirty work while we do the diggin'. It's as good an alliance as any. Well, let's hop to it.


She's a distant cousin of mine, so I do what I can to protect her. Got some weird ideas about the world, though. Thinks belief can shape events. If it could, we wouldn't have been defeated during... our last campaign.


(Available after the player has discovered Rog in the wild)

Many a campaign would have failed if not for his logistical skills. We've trekked through mud, rain, snow, and sand, and yet eaten heartily throughout. It's the true basis of war, mind you. Logistics. Don't think we don't know that.


(Available after the player has discovered Dannig in the wild)

He's a good man. A man of two worlds. Part aspiring dreamer, part cynical realist. I'll follow him to the ends of the world, which you know, because I already have... and here we are.

The Kalguur

We are a proud people, but aren't they all? Difference is, we labour against the grim realities of life through the judicious application of bravery and courage. One's lineage carries an ongoing tally of renown and accomplishment. We do this not for ourselves, but for our children, should we one day have 'em. Here's hopin'.

The King

First time:

Nice weather we're having, ain't it?

Second time:

Wraeclast is a touch dangerous. I imagine you've got quite the story to tell.

Third time onward:

Do you not understand social cues? Stop asking!

The Black Scythe Mercenaries

I'm of a particular purpose, see? I'm scratching up the ground in search of an ancient rowdy band. They were called the Black Scythe Mercenaries. Their founder, a particularly heroic warrior by the name of Vorana, shares ties to my bloodline. Before I can go home, I need to find out what happened to her.


She was a fearsome and irrepressible warrior. King Cadigan the Third tried to mandate her service to the Crown, but she laid flat every man sent to bring her in. Eventually, he realised that she couldn't be controlled, and he gave her a Mercenary Charter instead. Given the freedom to operate the way she wanted, she won many great victories for the Kalguur. I respect those who make their own way. Her fate here on Wraeclast was unknown, but I have a feeling she's still kicking about. A burning spirit like that never goes down without a legendary fight.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to confirm a haggle with Tujen if you had clicked in the Vendor window search bar.
  • Expedition Vendors can now offer item level 86 items in their shops.
  • Tujen now offers more items priced in Common and Greater Artifacts, compared to Lesser Artifacts.
  • The price of some items offered by Tujen has been reduced (mainly those that were priced in the thousands).
  • Introduced to the game.