Lighting the Way

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Lighting the Way is a quest in Act 7.

Lighting the Way
Lighting the Way quest icon.png
Required Yes
Start Take the first Firefly in the Dread Thicket
Objective Search Fireflies in the Dread Thicket and deliver them to Yeena
Completion Talk to Yeena


Search for the Fireflies in the Dread Thicket, then deliver them to Yeena.

Bring the Fireflies to Yeena in town.

Yeena: You are like the frog that strikes the fly faster than eye can see! No, carry your bright bugs to Arakaali’s gate. We will meet there and brew our Fire Dew. Not here. Too much to burn. Too many to make blind!

Yeena needs seven Fireflies to burn open the entrance to Arakaali's temple.

Yeena: You have found the resting place of this Arakaali ? Good, though Spirit tells me that we will not reach her, not without help. Webs she weaves with fibres of faith and fear. Too strong to break. Too strong to cut.

Yet there is an Azmeri potion, most ancient. ‘Fire Dew’. It might be enough to burn a path, make way for us to pass into heart of spider web. I could brew it for you, but there is one ingredient I do not possess. The blazing blood of the firefly that lives in the most dreaded of thickets.

Travel I shall to Arakaali , to sit on her doorstep until you bring me seven flames that flit and fly. Then I make you a Fire Dew and together we go talk to this bride of foolish Silk.

Deliver them to her at the entrance of the temple.

Yeena: Fireflies! So bright and juicy with flame. Now for the rite. I warn you, stand back and be not afraid of what you see. And be not afraid for me. The Spirit guides and protects. Though I may change, I shall still be, will always be, Yeena.

Getting to Yeena from the The Dread Thicket:

Re-enter the Northern Forest, find The Causeway entrance and enter. Once inside The Causeway you need to find The Vaal City. Yeena is located inside The Vaal City near the Waypoint and Arakaali's temple

Quest Complete - You have delivered the Fireflies to Yeena. She has burned open the entrance to the Temple of Decay.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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