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Weapons are a category of equipment that are equipped to deal damage with attacks or provide various modifiers that modify a character's damage.

Characters can equip two sets of weapons, and switch between them through a keybind for weapon swapping.

All weapons have certain base stats: physical damage, critical strike chance, attack speed. These can be directly modified with local modifiers. Additionally, melee weapons have weapon ranges, which affect the distance from which they can physically strike enemies.

Weapons may be of a certain archetype:

  • Attack weapon: only rolls local modifiers for attacks.
    • Warstaves are an example of an attack weapon subcategory.
  • Caster weapon: can roll both attack and spell modifiers.
  • Summoner/minion weapon: can roll attack, spell, and minion modifiers.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Rebalanced every single weapon in the game so that they have a hand-crafted progression of median damage, damage range, speed, requirements and variations on their implicit mod.
  • Base weapon types now have more appropriate implicit mods to create strong differences between them.
  • Strength-aligned weapon types now do slightly more damage than other weapons. Many weapon types now have implicit accuracy built in, due to their Dexterity alignment. Intelligence weapons have higher critical strike chances.
  • Reduced chance of getting mana/life mods on weapons.
  • 1h/2h weapon passives now only apply to melee weapons.
  • 1-hand/2-hand weapon damage passives now refer to Melee weapons only (not bows or wands).
  • Normalised all weapons in each series to have the same str/dex/int ratios and speeds. Additional series are planned.
  • Changed the attribute requirements of all weapons to take into account the new attribute equation.
  • Added a series of damage + accuracy mods to weapons (can stack with normal damage mods).
  • Increased the chance of modifiers that grant resistances to spawn on weapons.
  • Reduced weapon elemental damage.
  • Added new weapon types to decrease the gap between weapons at higher levels. They have borrowed art for now.
  • All character weapon attacks are 10% faster by default now.
  • Increased the number of Weapons in various categories with placeholder art.
  • Disabled weapons now don't participate in combat or grant skills.
  • Fixed bug with multiple types of physical damage on weapons.
  • Adjusted attack and weapon distances.

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