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A character is a player-controlled persona in the game with a unique name in the game world.

Character creation

After logging into Path of Exile a character can be created though the character creation screen.

A character can be created in different leagues. The game recommends to start in the current standard challenge league.

Once the league has been chosen, a character class can be selected. The classes differ by starting location on the passive skill tree, the quest rewards they're given, by their base attributes and their general appearance and voice. They also each have different possible Ascendancy classes.

Players can freely choose the name of their character, however it has to be unique on the realm and it is not possible to use non-ascii letters or numbers in the name. The only special character allowed is the underscore. If a character has remained inactive for over a year their name will become available for other players to use when creating a new character.

There is also the option to create a PvP–only character.

By default only 24 characters can be created. Up to 255 characters can be created by purchasing Extra Character Slots.[1] After that existing characters have to be deleted in order to create new a one; however this limit can be extended by purchasing additional character slots from the Path of Exile Shop.

Shared Stats

The stats found in the subsections can be found on every character, regardless of the character class.

Base Stats

Dual Wield



  • +1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems
  • +10% of Maximum Energy Shield to maximum Recovery per Energy Shield Leech
  • +10% of Maximum Life to maximum Recovery per Life Leech
  • +10% of Maximum Mana to maximum Recovery per Mana Leech
  • +10% to Maximum total Energy Shield Recovery per second from Leech
  • +20 to maximum Fortification
  • +20% Maximum total Mana Recovery per second from Leech
  • +20% to Maximum total Life Recovery per second from Leech
  • +50 to Maximum Rage
  • +75% to maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage
  • +75% to maximum Chance to Block Spell Damage
  • 90% to maximum Physical Damage Reduction
  • Call of Steel has +12 to maximum Steel Shards
  • Can have up to 10 Azurite Stacks
  • Can have up to 15 Remote Mines placed at a time
  • Can have up to 15 Traps placed at a time
  • Can have up to 20 Frost Nova Stacks
  • Can have up to 20 Talisman degen Stacks
  • Can have up to 4 Viper Strike Orbs
  • Can have up to 5 Explosive Arrow Stacks
  • Can have up to 5000 Darkness Stacks
  • Can have up to 8 Fire Beam Stacks
  • Maximum 45 Eaten Souls


Character level

The character level is used for a variety of purposes, most importantly character level will be a limiting factor for equipment.

The character level can be increased though gaining experience which is obtained by slaying monsters.

Once a certain threshold is reached, the character will level up gaining one passive skill point and the following bonuses:

Version history

Version Changes
  • Characters now have three blood effects depending on the size of the damage relative to their maximum life.
  • Added a new level-up effect and sound.
  • Increased default mana regeneration of characters.
  • Added a new level-up effect.
  • Increased automatic mana and life gain per level.
  • Mana now refills when the character levels up.
  • Fixed a rare crash when levelling up.
  • Characters now play their "idle relaxed" animations in town rather than "idle combat".
  • Improved most character sounds.
  • Footstep sound overhaul.
  • Level up "ding" sound added.
  • Fixed the "running on the spot" bug.
  • Level up effect plays.
  • Added some new character animations.
  • * Fixed crashes when sending players and items from distant servers.
  • Improved various monster and character animations.
  • Allowed character to run through shallow water.
  • Reduced collidable size of character.

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