Divine Justice

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Divine Justice1DisabledMany sought the Goddess' blessing. Few survived the Labyrinth to receive it.
Drop disabled
Drop level: 56
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Divination Card
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/DivinationCards/DivinationCardDivineJustice

Divine Justice is a divination card. The ability to exchange a complete set is currently disabled due to the Labyrinth enchantment system having been removed in version 3.23.0.

Item acquisition

Divine Justice is drop disabled.

Design attribution

Divine Justice was created by supporter Liquidbambam93.[1]

Version history

Until version 3.23.0, a set of Divine Justice could be turned in for a random unique helmet with a random Eternal Labyrinth enchantment.

Version Changes
  • The following Divination Cards have been temporarily disabled: Divine Justice, Doryani's EpiphanyDoryani's Epiphany3Disabled"Virtue gems have facets beyond those that can be seen by the mortal eye. Let us look deeper...", Dying AnguishDying Anguish8DisabledMoribund, he gazed upon the journey taken as blood trickled down his chin. His eye closed on the city ahead that he would never call home., Terrible Secret of SpaceTerrible Secret of Space8DisabledThey said they were here to protect us., The Blessing of MooshThe Blessing of Moosh4DisabledWhile the Labyrinth traps have claimed countless adventurers, they were not designed with felines in mind., and The HookThe Hook8DisabledEvery obsession began with a single, innocent taste.. Existing Divination Cards cannot be turned in currently.
  • Confirmed to drop from Armourer's Strongboxes. [Verified on Divcord This information has been verified by players on Divcord, the divination card discovery Discord server. Actual undocumented changes to drop locations may have occurred in a previous patch.]
  • Introduced to the game.


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