Warden of the Maji

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Warden of the Maji
A Warden of the Maji has sworn to walk the righteous path.

The Warden of the Maji (or "Warden") is a Wildwood ascendancy class taught by the Warden of Eaves. It can be chosen in addition to a player's regular ascendancy class in Affliction league.


The Warden combines a mixture of offence and defence using their knowledge of the wilderness. Wardens are able to coat their weapons with Tinctures, which take up a flask slot and can be toggled on one at a time to give their weapon attacks a bonus. They also have access to the Barkskin skill, a reservation skill that causes the user to grow Bark over time. Each Bark provides armour while on the user, but break off when hit, giving them evasion instead. Detect Evil detects distant rare and unique monsters on the minimap and makes your Marks negate the marked target's block and spell suppression, and Oath of the Maji gives a substantial bonus for not equipping any gems on a piece of equipment.

Passive skills

Warden skill tree

Minor skills

This class has the following minor passive skills:

Vivid Wisps found
10% increased Quantity of Vivid Wisps found in the Viridian Wildwood [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Notable skills

This class has the following notable passive skills:

Skill Modifiers Prerequisite Preceding Passive
Detect Evil Rare and Unique Enemies within 120 metres have Minimap Icons
Your Hits against Marked Enemy cannot be Blocked or Suppressed
Vivid Wisps found
Oath of the Maji +50% to all Elemental Resistances if you have an Equipped Helmet with no Socketed Gems
25% increased Maximum Life if you have Equipped Gloves with no Socketed Gems
30% increased Movement Speed if you have Equipped Boots with no Socketed Gems
Defences from Equipped Body Armour are doubled if it has no Socketed Gems
Vivid Wisps found
Coated Blade Can apply Tinctures to your Equipped Weapons Vivid Wisps found
Nature's Concoction Flasks adjacent to applied Tincture gain 3 charges when you Hit an Enemy with a Weapon, no more than once every second
Flasks adjacent to applied Tincture have 30% increased Effect when used if you've Hit an enemy with a Weapon Recently
Coated Blade Vivid Wisps found
Intensifying Suffusion Tinctures applied to you have 75% increased Effect per empty Flask Slot Coated Blade Vivid Wisps found
Wildwood Blessing Grants Level 20 Barkskin Skill Vivid Wisps found
Lesson of the Seasons 10% reduced Duration of Damaging Ailments on you per Bark
10% chance to Avoid non-Damaging Ailments on you per Bark below maximum
Wildwood Blessing Vivid Wisps found

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.