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This article describes historical game content.

Wildwood ascendancy classes are special ascendancy classes that can be taken in addition to a character's regular ascendancy class during Affliction league. Unlike the regular ascendancies, Wildwood ascendancy classes can be chosen by any character class and can be changed by speaking to the associated Azmeri Wanderer NPC. Ascendancy points are gained by completing quests and killing minibosses and bosses in the Viridian Wildwood.


Wildwood ascendancy classes are unlocked after meeting with each Azmeri Wanderer for the first time as early as Act 2 (area level 16 or above). They can be switched between at any time by interacting with the corresponding NPC. Quest and point acquisition progress for each class is retained when you switch classes.[1] Respeccing Wildwood ascendancy points only requires one refund point per passive, and does not need to be fully refunded to switch between classes.[2] Switching ascendancies will reset any progress in the former ascendancy's quests.

Name Warden of the Maji Warlock of the Mists Wildwood Primalist
Azmeri Wanderer NPC Warden of Eaves Breaker of Oaths Primal Huntress
Specializations Tinctures
Gem agnosticism
Life manipulation
Foraging items
Wisp Type Vivid (Yellow) Wild (Purple) Primal (Blue)

Point acquisition

A total of 8 Wildwood Ascendancy Points can be obtained, but are obtained separately for each Wildwood ascendancy through their independent questlines; for example, unlocking 6 points as a Warden does not unlock 6 points for the Warlock or Primalist. The final 2 points are shared, however, and granted to all three Wildwood Ascendancies simultaneously. Quests completed out of order (e.g. via someone else's Wildwood in a party) will unlock the respective points even if the player has not reached that point in their own quest.[3] 2 points are unlocked for doing each of the following in this order:

Wildwood Ascendancy Warden of the Maji Warlock of the Mists Wildwood Primalist
NPC Warden of Eaves Breaker of Oaths Primal Huntress
Condition 1: Choose a Wildwood Ascendancy Warden of the Maji Warlock of the Mists Wildwood Primalist
Condition 2: Complete the Wildwood NPC's first quest
Unlocked at character level 20+
Vivid Rescue
Rescue 4000 Vivid Wisps by defeating Treants
Culling the Cultists
Kill 500 Cultists
A Merciful Hunt
Kill 500 Nameless
Condition 3: Complete the Wildwood NPC's second quest
Unlocked at character level 50+
Spiteful Winter
Defeat the Bíle Trio
Becoming the Darkness
Interrupt the King in the Mists' Ritual
Hunt for the Crow
Defeat the Black Mórrígan
Condition 4: Defeat the King in the Mists
Unlocked at character level 80+
War for the Wildwood

Only the currently chosen Wildwood Ascendancy's quests can be progressed. Condition 2 and 3 can be completed in either order. Condition 3 can be completed retroactively as any class. Condition 4 is unlocked after completing any ascendancy's quest 2 and 3 for the first time.