Sacrifice Set

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Sacrifice SetCan be used in a personal Map Device.
Drop disabled
Drop level: 1
Item class: Map Fragment
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/MapFragments/CurrencyVaalFragments1Complete

The Sacrifice Set represents a complete set of four map fragments: Sacrifice at DuskSacrifice at DuskStack Size: 10The Vaal shall never fear the setting of our sun.Can be used in a personal Map Device., Sacrifice at DawnSacrifice at DawnStack Size: 10Only those who aspire can dare to hope.Can be used in a personal Map Device., Sacrifice at NoonSacrifice at NoonStack Size: 10The light without pales in comparison to the light within.Can be used in a personal Map Device. and Sacrifice at MidnightSacrifice at MidnightStack Size: 10Look to our Queen, for she will lead us into the light.Can be used in a personal Map Device.. When each is placed in the map device in the correct configuration, these fragments will open portals to the Atziri encounter in the Apex of Sacrifice.

Item acquisition

Sacrifice Set is drop disabled.

The Sacrifice Set cannot be obtained as a standalone item. However, items listed for trade in premium stash tabs can be priced in whole sets. As specified by the official trade website, the code ~price n sacrifice-set can be used to list items for trade, priced at n complete sets.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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