Loyalty Tattoo of Tawhanuku

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Loyalty Tattoo of TawhanukuStack Size: 10
Replaces a Small Intelligence Passive Skill
Limited to: 1 Loyalty Tattoo
Trigger Summon Spirit of Tawhanuku Skill when Energy Shield Recharge starts while a Unique Enemy is in your PresenceRight click this item then left click a valid Passive Skill. Maximum 50 Tattoos.
Drop disabled
Drop level: 1
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Currency Item
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Currency/AncestralTattooHinekora6

Loyalty Tattoo of the Tawhanuku is a tattoo. It replaces the stat of a single passive node with a new stat.


Summon Spirit of Tawhanuku

This skill summons an immortal minion version of Tawhanuku when energy shield recharge starts while a unique enemy is in your presence. The minion lasts 12 seconds by default with a cooldown of 80 seconds which does not recover while the minion is active. This cooldown is shared with other Spirit Chieftain skills.

It also grants a buff that grants 100 mana regeneration per second. This effect increases by 20% (20 mana regen) per allocated Hinekora tribe tattoo.

Item acquisition

Loyalty Tattoo of Tawhanuku is drop disabled.

Version history

Version Changes
  • All of your Omens, Tattoos and Hinekora’s Lock’s will still exist in the Standard League however they will progressively become more scarce.[1]
  • Tattoos were drop-disabled as Ancestor league did not go core. [Undocumented This change was not documented by any official sources. It was discovered through player testing or datamining.]