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Version History
June 6, 2017
July 21, 2017
August 4, 2017

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 2.6.3 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • This is a re-deploy of the 2.6.1 patch that failed initially. We have replaced the servers that had issues during that deployment and it will likely work this time.
  • We have revamped Path of Exile's microtransaction system.
  • We have added a Cosmetics screen next to the Inventory. Rather than applying your effects directly to items, these effects now have their own slots. This allows you to swap your gear around as you level up without having to constantly reclaim and re-apply effects.
  • Skills that can have microtransactions applied are shown in a list. You can click them to see which microtransactions apply to them.
  • The microtransaction stash has been entirely replaced with a new display that can easily show you what effects you have for each slot. It's easy to equip effects directly from here by just clicking on them. Everything you own is shown in this stash, including effects that are currently in use on other characters, so you can't misplace microtransactions anymore.
  • If all your copies of a certain microtransaction are equipped to other characters, you can select which one you want to move to this character.
  • Pets, portals, social frames and upcoming alternate character portraits now have individual slots, so that they are easy to equip. Like before, one instance of these can be applied to multiple characters.
  • Mystery boxes are now grouped by type and have an improved opening experience.
  • The hideout stash has also been replaced with a similar new display. Hideout decorations are now shared between all leagues.
  • Microtransactions other than Skin Transfer can now be used in races where they were previously disabled.
  • The way that you reclaim transfered skins has been changed. You now shift-click the skinned item to remove the skin from it.
  • The /claim_crafting_benches command has been removed. You can now place crafting benches from previous leagues in your challenge league hideout, but must level the masters up as usual to unlock various crafting functions.
  • Note: Under the new system, it's possible to delete a character without losing microtransactions. The warning for deleting characters with microtransactions has been removed, but the regular deletion warning is still there. It is now possible to delete characters with items affected by Skin Transfers. Also, because microtransaction effects are not directly bound to items, the warning that you get when selling an item to a vendor doesn't occur any more. We will look into ways to make vendoring items safer.

The following hotfix was deployed after the 2.6.3 patch:[2]

We have deployed the following without a restart:


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