Bestel's Epic

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Bestel's Epic
Bestel's Epic quest icon.png
Required No
Start Talk to Bestel
Objective Find his Manuscript
Completion Return his Manuscript
Key Item  Bestel's ManuscriptBestel's Manuscript"A stranger's kiss on a moonlit night.
Dost thou believe in love at first sight?"

Bestel's Epic is an optional quest in Act 6.


Bestel has asked you to find his Manuscript, which he left behind in the wreck of his ship on the Tidal Island.

Bestel: Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Lioneye’s Watch has seen better days. Our once bubbling township has, alas, become a brooding quagmire of gloom and despair. I blame the unrelenting weather.

As you know, I am both a humanitarian and a strong believer in the soul-sustaining power of story. Back days at sea afforded me time to work on my thespian aspirations. I wrote a theatrical epic, a one man show entitled “Cedric and the Buxom Stranger”.

I sealed the manuscript inside a roll of oiled leather and stashed it in the hold for safekeeping. Perhaps you could salvage it for me from that Tidal Island upon which my poor ship came to rest? Who knows, maybe we can bring some joy back to Lioneye’s Watch with a bit of live entertainment?

You have found Bestel's Manuscript, Bring it back to him in Lioneye's Watch.

You have returned Bestel's Manuscript to him. Talk to him for a reward.

Bestel: Marvelous! Ah yes, yes, it’s all here. Ahem, Act One, Scene One:

“Along the shoreline, the beach grass sways, A blazing sun sinks neath sparkling bays. O’ strange be the night when the drowned dead rise, And a pale moon ascends upon cold skies. The Stranger still is lost to me, those silken pillows upon which I lay at sea…”

Moody, atmospheric… not as funny as I remember, but I’m sure it gets better in Act Two. Regardless, you have my thanks. Please, take something for your efforts.

And next time you’re in town, do come and see the show. I’ll leave your name at the door… if I can salvage a door from somewhere, that is.

Quest Complete - You have returned Bestel's Manuscript to him. He has rewarded you.

Quest rewards

All rewards are rare and item level 45.

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
Bestel's Epic
Act 6
Agate AmuletAgate AmuletRequires Level 16+(16-24) to Strength and Intelligence
Chain BeltChain Belt+(9-20) to maximum Energy Shield
Citrine AmuletCitrine AmuletRequires Level 16+(16-24) to Strength and Dexterity
Heavy BeltHeavy BeltRequires Level 8+(25-35) to Strength
Leather BeltLeather BeltRequires Level 8+(25-40) to maximum Life
Rustic SashRustic Sash(12-24)% increased Global Physical Damage
Turquoise AmuletTurquoise AmuletRequires Level 16+(16-24) to Dexterity and Intelligence

Vendor rewards

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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