The Rogue Harbour (quest)

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The Rogue Harbour
The Rogue Harbour quest icon.png
Required No
Start Lioneye's Watch (Act 6)
Objective Travel to The Rogue Harbour and finish the Contract: Trial RunContract: Trial RunClient: Bazira
Heist Target: Urn of Farud (Moderate Value)
Area Level: 45
Requires Lockpicking (Level 1)
Requires Karst, the Lockpick
"The Faridun cannot earn burial in the sky.
They have other ways of keeping the dead."
Completion Talk to Kurai after finishing the contract

The Rogue Harbour is an introductory for the heist mechanic.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Kurai, as well as your first Rogue's MarkerRogue's MarkerStack Size: 50000Creates a portal to the Rogue Harbour from a Town or Hideout
    Used as Currency for services in the Rogue Harbour
    Right click on this item while in a Town or Hideout to use it.
    , can now be found starting in Act 6.
  • After completing The Rogue Harbour quest, you will be placed at the top of the stairs when arriving in The Rogue Harbour .
  • Introduced to the game.