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The Warbands and Tempest leagues were introduced with the Awakening expansion and ran from July 10 2015 to October 2 2015.[1]

Reach Level 82
Attain character level 82 with at least three different classes in the Warbands or Tempest leagues. This challenge still counts even if a character dies after reaching level 82.
Redeem Divination Card Sets
Turn in sets of at least 32 of the following 47 Divination card types to Tasuni.
Divination Card Sets
Abandoned Wealth
Chaotic Disposition
Coveted Possession
Emperor's Luck
Gemcutter's Promise
Jack in the Box
Lucky Connections
Rain of Chaos
The Avenger
The Battle Born
The Brittle Emperor
The Carrion Crow
The Cataclysm
The Celestial Justicar
The Chains that Bind
The Dark Mage
The Doctor
The Drunken Aristocrat
The Explorer
The Feast
The Gambler
The Gemcutter
The Gladiator
The Hermit
The Hoarder
The Hunger
The Incantation
The Inventor
The King's Heart
The Lover
The Metalsmith's Gift
The Pact
The Poet
The Road to Power
The Scarred Meadow
The Scholar
The Summoner
The Sun
The Union
The Warden
The Watcher
The Wind
Three Faces in the Dark
Time-Lost Relic
Vinia's Token
Kill these Warband Members
Kill each of the following Warband Members
Warband Members
Brinerot Raider
Brinerot Soothsayer
Brinerot Stormhand
Musky "Two-Eyes" Grenn
Susara, Siren of Pondium
Lussi "Rotmother" Roth
Mutewind Wildrunner
Mutewind Lynx
Mutewind Hexbender
Mutewind Snow-singer
Yorishi, Aurora-sage
Jeinei Yuushu
Otesha, the Giantslayer
Redblade Skullbreaker
Redblade Flamelord
Redblade Warmonger
Uruk Baleh
El'Abin, Bloodeater
Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash
Bin'aia, Crimson Rain
Rama, The Kinslayer
Kalria, The Risen
Invari, The Bloodshaper
Loken, The Deceiver
Marchak, The Betrayer
Berrots, The Breaker
Vessiderm The Unrivaled
Morgrants, The Deafening
Clear Areas with Tempests
Kill all the monsters in areas affected by atleast 50 of these 54 Tempests. Use the /remaining command to see how many monsters remain, once you're getting close. Everyone in the area will receive credit for the clear.
Stinging Tempest
Scathing Tempest
Restorative Tempest
Echoing Tempest
Divine Tempest
Shining Tempest
Radiating Tempest
Enlarging Tempest
Shrinking Tempest
Seething Tempest
Shivering Tempest
Freezing Tempest
Galvanizing Tempest
Brisk Tempest
Shimmering Tempest
Quickening Tempest
Impure Tempest
Obscuring Tempest
Ethereal Tempest
Devouring Tempest
Shielding Tempest
Sharding Tempest
Veiling Tempest
Abyssal Tempest
Consuming Tempest
Infernal Tempest
Arctic Tempest
Electrocuting Tempest
Morbid Tempest
Crushing Tempest
Blasphemous Tempest
Corrupting Tempest
Transmogrifying Tempest
Refining Tempest
Energising Tempest
Tempest of Animation
Tempest of the Ancestors
Tempest of Fire
Tempest of Ice
Tempest of Lightning
Tempest of Poison
Tempest of Aberrance
Tempest of Inspiration
Tempest of Revelation
Tempest of Turmoil
Tempest of Phantoms
Tempest of Cataclysm
Tempest of Intensity
Tempest of Influence
Tempest of Precision
Tempest of Desperation
Tempest of Fortune
Tempest of Destiny
Tempest of Fate
Kill these Unique Bosses
Kill each of the following Unique bosses
Unique Bosses
Ambrius, Legion Slayer
Avatar of the Forge
Avatar of the Huntress
Avatar of the Skies
Champion of the Hollows
Daresso, King of Swords
Dimachaeri Cassius
Doedre Darktongue
Eater of Souls
Forest of Flames
Fragment of Winter
Gnar, Eater of Carrion
King Kaom
Lord of the Hollows
Malachai, The Nightmare
Maligaro, The Inquisitor
Messenger of the Hollows
Mirage of Bones
Prodigy of Darkness
Prodigy of Hexes
Prodigy of Pain
Rudiarius Felix
Shavronne of Umbra
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl
The Brittle Emperor
The Burning Man
The Hundred Foot Shadow
The Infernal King
The Winged Death
Torchoak Grove
Tore, Towering Ancient
Void Anomaly
Voll, Emperor of Purity
Items from Vendor Recipes
Complete vendor recipes in either Warbands or Tempest to reveive each of the following items. A vendor recipe of when you trade a specific pattern of items to a vendor, not when you buy items from his/her purchase screen.
Scroll Fragment
Transmutation Shard
Alteration Shard
Alchemy Shard
Scroll of Wisdom
Orb of Augmentation
Armourer's Scrap
Blacksmith's Whetstone
Cartographer's Chisel
Gemcutter's Prism
Glassblower's Bauble
Chromatic Orb
Jeweller's Orb
Orb of Chance
Orb of Alchemy
Chaos Orb
Vaal Orb
Regal Orb
Unidentified Magic Item
Unidentified Rare Item
Paua Amulet
Coral Amulet
Topaz Ring
Sapphire Ring
Ruby Ring
Turquoise Amulet
Citrine Amulet
Any Life Flask
Any Mana Flask
Any Hybrid Flash
Granite Flask
Jade Flask
Any Map
Any Gem
Prismatic Ring
Corrupt these Unique Jewels
Corrupt 36 of these 41 specific Unique Jewels to complete this challenge. Jewels in both the Wardbands and Tempest leagues are counted for this challenge. You can trade the item away afterwards.
Unique Jewels
Anatomical Knowledge
Army of Bones
Assassin's Haste
Brute Force Solution
Careful Planning
Clear Mind
Cold Steel
Conqueror's Efficiency
Conqueror's Longevity
Conqueror's Potency
Efficient Training
Eldritch Knowledge
Energised Armour
Energy From Within
Fertile Mind
Fluid Motion
Fortified Legion
Fragile Bloom
Healthy Mind
Hidden Potential
Inspired Learning
Intuitive Leap
Lioneye's Fall
Malicious Intent
Mantra of Flames
Martial Artistry
Might in All Forms
Poacher's Aim
Rain of Splinters
Spire of Stone
Static Electricity
Survival Instincts
Survival Secrets
Survival Skills
Warlord's Reach
Knowledge and Power
Identify these Unique Items, kill a Rare Monster of each of these types, and kill all the monsters in the following areas in Warbands or Tempest. Character Uniques are any Unique Item named after that Character. 30 of these 33 deeds are required.
Abyss Map
Colosseum Map
Core Map
Kaom's Stronghold
The Dried Lake
The Grand Arena
The Harvest
Any Daresso Unique
Any Doedre Unique
Any Kaom Unique
Any Malachai Unique
Any Maligaro Unique
Any Shavronne Unique
Any Voll Unique
Brinerot Flag
Brinerot Mark
Brinerot Whalers
Crown of the Pale King
Jorrhast's Blacksteel
Mutewind Pennant
Mutewind Seal
Mutewind Whispersteps
Redblade Band
Redblade Banner
Redblade Tramplers
Trolltimber Spire
Ylfeban's Trickery
Any Rare Chaos Sentinel
Any Rare Fighting Bull
Any Rare Infested Vulture
Any Rare Knitted Horror
Any Rare Rakango
Any Rare Revenant


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