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Many different gods are worshipped in Wraeclast. This page is a list of all the different deities mentioned in the game, sorted by culture, as well as an explanation on the nature of godhood itself.

Ascension to godhood

In a time before the creation of the Beast by Sin, any human had the capability of ascending to godhood. Driven by ambition, abetted by the "adoration of their people", a mortal could rise to prominence and transcend, casting away their mortality to become an immortal god.[1]

According to Sin, becoming a god often comes at the cost of one's own humanity.

Oriathan gods


A stained glass depiction of Innocence

Innocence is the god of the Order of the Templar in Oriath. Although worshipped as a god of light and purity, discoveries from supposed heretics like Lycia indicate a darker truth of his origin and rise to power. After his reincarnation through Bannon and the fall of Oriath, he travelled to the seas of the far south in self-exile.


Sin is Innocence's brother, and the creator of the Beast. He is portrayed as the Thief of Virtue, though he played an important role in preserving humanity during the invasion of Kitava and the return of the Pantheon to Wraeclast.

Ezomyte gods

The First Ones

Main page: The First Ones

The First Ones are animalistic Ezomyte gods. These include Craiceann, Farrul, Fenumus, Saqawal, the Greatwolf, and the Gull.

Azmerian/Eternal gods

The original founders of the Eternal Empire came from the mountains of the Azmeri, and have a similar belief system.

Solaris and Lunaris

Main pages: Solaris and Lunaris

Solaris and Lunaris, or the Celestial Sisters, are twin sisters who are goddesses of the sun and moon respectively. They are often depicted as rivals with cult-like followings in their powers after they were set against each other by Tangmazu's trickery.


Main page: Viridi

Viridi was the third sister of Solaris and Lunaris who possessed powers of the earth.

The Spirit

Main page: Yeena

The Spirit is a mysterious entity that Yeena is able to communicate with.

The Brine King

Main page: The Brine King

Tsoagoth, more commonly referred to as the Brine King, was an ancient Azmerian king, and later god of storms and oceans. He is the god of the Brinerot pirates as the Lord of Salt and Scale (or "Old Briney", according to Weylam), who would drown mutineers or slaves to ward off the storms. He was infamous for sinking ships and kidnapping women to create more offspring.


Main page: Ryslatha

Ryslatha, a former matriarch of an Azmeri tribe, lost her children to Tukohama's warriors and devoted her life to restoring her "family" through parasitism.


Main page: Gruthkul

Gruthkul is a bestial minor god. When her children were slaughtered by Arakaali when she saw visions of Gruthkul's children taking over her empire, her grief transformed her into a powerful, horned beast. She defeated Arakaali, but her mind continued to be overwhelmed by despair. She is also known as the Porcelain Queen.


Main page: Cadiro

Prospero is an Azmerian god of wealth and the underworld. The Perandus family respect or worship Prospero to varying degrees as their patron god. Even more so with Cadiro Perandus, who struck a deal for long life in exchange for recovering lost treasures to appease him.

The Goddess of Justice

Izaro Phrecius worshipped a deity simply known only as the Goddess of Justice.

Maraketh gods

Solerai and Lundara

Main pages: Solaris and Lunaris

It is believed that the Maraketh Sekhemas Solerai and Lundara were another version of the legends of Solaris and Lunaris. They played a significant role in the Winter of the World, driving back an invasion of Lightless across the Vastiri Plains.


Main page: Garukhan

Garukhan was a Maraketh goddess of storms and wind. She was Sin's lover and mother of Shakari.


Main page: Garukhan

Shakari, Queen of the Sands, became blinded in wanting power to rival Garukhan's, twisting her into a scorpion-like monster.

Goddess of Water

An unknown Maraketh goddess of water.

Vaal gods


Main page: Arakaali

Arakaali was a Vaal harlot turned fertility goddess and former queen of a Vaal empire. She would often turn into human form to attract mortals, using them for pleasure before draining them of all bodily fluids and keeping their husks in her temple.


Main page: Ralakesh

Ralakesh was a Vaal god of subjugation and control, able to control the minds of his subjects and turn them into slaves.


Main page: Strange Voice

Tangmazu is a trickster god who was alleged to have made Solaris and Lunaris turn on each other. He is Ralakesh's brother. He is an NPC related to Delirium.


Main page: Yugul

Yugul was a Vaal scholar with an obsession for terror, using magical mirrors to capture reactions of fear from his test subjects. His work gave him incredible insight on the human nature, and his work was feared and renowned to the point he achieved godhood.

Karui gods


Main page: Hinekora

Hinekora is a Karui goddess of life and death and the underworld. Her powers include the ability to see the future.


Main page: Kitava

Kitava is a Karui god of chaos, hunger, and corruption. He was responsible for the fall of Oriath. Kitava was blinded by having his face slashed with Tukohama's ToothTukohama's Tooth"The belly cannot hunger for what the eyes cannot see."
- Karui Proverb
, and was skewered by Valako's JawValako's Jaw"One day you eat the fish. One day you feed the fish."
- Karui Proverb
through his chest.


Tukohama is the Karui god of war and knowledge. He was revived after the death of the Beast and created a Karui fortress over the marsh near Lioneye's Watch.

  • Navali's "Karui Gods" dialogue option says in part, "Tukohama provides us with weapons and knowledge of war, which lets us walk the path safely."
  • Haku's "Crafting" dialogue option says in part, "The spirits you bring me, I return to the battlefield. Armour and spirit bound together, in the service of the Father of War, Tukohama."
  • When Haku, Armourmaster reaches level 8, he says in part, "Tukohama has blessed you, warrior, made you his brother in blood and spirit. I can see it now in your eyes, your stature, your presence."
  • A Weathered Carving in Kaom's Dream says in part, "I dreamed of the north, of an offering left to us by Tukohama, an offering that will save the Karui. I needed only to take it. I gathered my finest five hundred. I brought them here. I claimed what Tukohama had promised me."
  • Another Weathered Carving in Kaom's Dream says in part, "The blood of the Ancestors surged in our veins and each and every one of my warriors earned Tukohama's mark upon their skin. We descended into the heart of Wraeclast, and there He came to me. Tukohama. He asked of me a sacrifice. I gave it willingly. My axe fell five hundred times, the jade drinking its fill of Karui blood. Tukohama was pleased."
  • A Weathered Carving in Kaom's Stronghold says in part, "I am the son of Tukohama, and I will lead the Karui back to glory."
  • Another Weathered Carving in Kaom's Stronghold says in part, "You will be given in service to Tukohama."


Main page: Ngamahu

Ngamahu is the Karui goddess of fire.

  • When Haku reaches level 4, he says, "Were you and I now in my homeland of Ngamakanui, I would mark your skin with the honour of Ngamahu, Mother of Fire. It is she who lights the fire in the belly of the warrior, and it is your duty to nurture that fire, to fuel it with the timber of battle until it burns so brightly, that it blinds the eyes of your enemies and sears their fearful hearts."


Main page: Tasalio

Tasalio is the Karui god of water.

  • When Haku reaches level 7, he says in part, "You flow through battle, carving a path through the seemingly unbreakable enemy, just as the river carves its path through the ancient stone. Yet, when needed, you stand as hard and resolute as the glacier, pushing forward inch by inch, crushing all before them. In Ngamakanui, I would honour you with the mark of Tasalio, Father of Water."


Main page: Valako

Valako is a Karui god of storms and lightning.

  • When Haku reaches level 6, he says, "You are as quick and as deadly as the lightning bolt, as proud as thunder, and as potent as the towering wave. For your deeds on the battlefield, I would paint your body with the mark of Valako, Father of the Storm.


Main page: Tawhoa

Tawhoa is the Karui god of the forest and birds.

  • Navali's "Karui Gods" dialogue option says in part, "Tawhoa gives us the trees and birds that line the path, so that we may enjoy beauty and peace."
  • When visiting Haku's hideout before claiming it, he says, "The seed is nothing to look at while it lies in your palm. That is why Tawhoa, Father of the Forest, gave us the power to dream."


Main page: Arohongui

Arohongui is a Karui goddess of the moon.

  • According to the myths, Arohongui was conceived in a supposed affair between Ramako and Lani Lua. She look her mother's place after Lani Lua and Ramako's wife, Sione, were locked in endless battle against each other as a result. Also according to the myths, Ramako claims someone was impersonating him. Arohongui's unusual inheritance of powers may support his claim.


Main page: Ramako

Ramako is the Karui god of light and sun.

  • Ahuana's "Ramako" dialogue option says Ramako was just the Father of the Light at first, but also gained the title of Father of the Sun after he wed Sione.
  • According to the myths, Ramako had an affair with Lani Lua with the help of Rongokurai to hide him under the night's veil, and his wife, Sione, found out when Arohongui was born. However, Ramako claims that it was an impostor and that Rongokurai was lying about him claiming to have asked him for help, and the two have been on bad terms since.


Main page: Rongokurai

Rongokurai is the Karui god of the night.

Lani Lua

Lani Lua is the Mother of the Moon.


Sione is the Mother of the Sun.

Other gods and god-like entities


Abberath, once a renowned scholar, consumed the souls of goats, eventually becoming a goat-like monster himself. He fathered the Faun, the first goatman.


Main page: Chaos (lore)

Chaos is an omniscient entity able to see across different timelines and worlds. Though once worshiped by Vaal priests, he is neither a god nor of the Vaal. He is the master of the Trialmaster and creator of the Blood CrucibleBlood CrucibleThe gateway of flesh, horror unbound,
requires a key of madness and pain.


A primordial, omniscient entity in opposition to Chaos. Very little is known about Order, including if it even has a conscience like Chaos.

The Molten One

Main page: Redblade

The last known remaining Titan from a prehistoric era, he is worshipped indirectly as the volcano home of the Redblade warband who perform ritual sacrifices to appease him. During Crucible league, his stone body and voice can be encountered in the Forge of the Titans.


Main page: Kalandra

Kalandra is a mysterious harpy-like entity trapped in the Lake of Kalandra. She predates humanity and the gods themselves. Kalandra does not associate herself with the gods but has powers that can rival theirs.

The God of Domination

Main page: Harbinger

The God of Domination is a mysterious, possibly otherworldly, god that plays an important role in relation to the Harbingers. Harbinger uniques foretell of the God of Domination's gaze falling over Wraeclast.[2]


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