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Chaos is an as-of-yet unrevealed Vaal entity[1] and Impulse referenced by several NPCs in the game. He was officially first mentioned in Ultimatum league, but may have been referenced prior to this.

He is known to be the master of the Trialmaster, and is able to see all possibilities (including different timelines and/or parallel worlds). Chaos is the first (and possibly only) entity in the world of Wraeclast aware of the timeline structure of Path of Exile, able to determine that the exiles exist in parallel dimensions (through different characters and/or leagues). This is something revealed through a dialogue by the Trialmaster:

There's something very strange afoot in Wraeclast. My lord Chaos believes that forest didn't exist until recently, but to me, it has always been here. This isn't the first time this has happened, either...

The Trialmaster

Although his servant only views the existence of the Viridian Wildwood as a historical fact, Chaos was able to understand that the Wildwood itself did not exist until the timeline of version 3.23.0 (Affliction league). The full extent of his powers are unknown, but demonstrates his role in the dimensional conflict known as the Struggle.

Chaos does not know what you truly are, they only know that a higher-dimensional entity somewhat like themselves has begun making moves on Wraeclast. Sometimes, you're a Ranger. Sometimes, you're a Marauder. Your willpower sometimes jumps back into the past, going from a god-killing veteran rampaging in the Atlas back to waking up on the beach again as someone new. In short, you fascinate Chaos, something which is communicated very subtly in the purposely hidden relationship between the Trialmaster and his unseen boss. ... The Trialmaster is an antagonist, but not an enemy—whether the same is true of Chaos, however, remains to be seen.

Community Team[2]

Chaos assigned the Trialmaster to oversee the Trials of Chaos to test all sorts of challengers for his own amusement.

My master is the essence of all that might be. He is the flip of the coin, and he is the roll of the die. Whether you win or lose, his purpose is still served. And yet-your changes can be influenced by your skill, by your intellect, and by your might. That is what fascinates Chaos. Skilled mortals can bend their chances in their own favour, for in the headwinds of the unknown, the arrow of a master falls more assuredly than the arrow of a novice. Show him your mastery, and he will smile upon you. Surprise him with utmost talent, and he may even laugh. Fortune will rain upon those who bring humour to Chaos.

The Trialmaster

Chaos is also known to be able to move entities from one timeline into another, as he does with the Trialmaster to overwrite his escapes or replace him after he is defeated.

The actual age of Chaos is unclear, but the Trialmaster himself is at least several thousands of years old.

Interactions with other characters

It may be possible that the Shaper is aware of Chaos (or at least his effect on the universe) in some capacity:

You force my hand again, little mouse... So be it. You've chosen to side with Chaos. This is my world, and you shall obey my Order!

The Shaper

In Scourge league, an NPC known as The Last to Die reveals that Chaos was involved in the creation of the Blood CrucibleBlood CrucibleThe gateway of flesh, horror unbound,
requires a key of madness and pain.

The Blood Crucible represents a pact between the entity known as Chaos and the bloodlines of the High Priests of the Vaal, forged long ago in the height of the empire's madness. I am the last of the sole remaining bloodline, so if I die, the Crucible will cease to function. That is why you must continue on in my place.

The Last to Die

Though perhaps not canonical, Cadiro Perandus, when interacting with a Chaos OrbChaos OrbStack Size: 20Reforges a rare item with new random modifiersRight click this item then left click a rare item to apply it., can make the following comments:

You know... I thought about making a deal with Chaos, but the price was too high. Prospero is a much better master.

Cadiro Perandus

It's been well over a century since I've bargained with the entity known as Chaos.

Cadiro Perandus

The Struggle

Chaos, as an Impulse, exists in conflict with all other Impulses, but in particular, is directly opposed to Order since the Beginning of Time. While Chaos exists to find amusement through chance and randomness, Order represents complete dominion and control - a lack of free will. However, the destruction of humanity would prevent either outcome, and so the two forces appear to have a form of uneasy alliance against other forces. One such example was the fall of the Vaal Empire, the outcome of Chaos' direct intervention to prevent Doryani from unleashing an execution of humanity through his communion with the Beast.

Order was known to have overcome Chaos in one known timeline, where Venarius had enslaved humanity and stripped them of their free will.

See also

  • Cherrubim's MaleficenceCherrubim's Maleficence
    Triumphant Lamellar
    Armour: (988-1311)
    Evasion: (1240-1647)
    Movement Speed: -3%
    Requires Level 69, 95 Str, 116 Dex(50-80)% increased Chaos Damage
    (160-200)% increased Armour and Evasion
    +(70-100) to maximum Life
    100% increased total Recovery per second from Life Leech
    "The Consort of Chaos descended,
    swiftly, brutally, artfully, she consumed the living,
    leaving naught behind but a Rosemarie bloom,
    to celebrate the massacre."
    - Blass, explorer, hunter, adventurer

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