Rakiata's Dance

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Rakiata's Dance
Engraved Greatsword
Two Hand Sword
Physical Damage: 49-102
Elemental Damage: (150-200) to (300-350), 1 to (550-600)
Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
Attacks per Second: (1.49-1.56)
Weapon Range: 1.3 metres
Requires Level 48, 91 Str, 76 Dex60% increased Global Accuracy RatingAdds (150-200) to (300-350) Cold Damage
Adds 1 to (550-600) Lightning Damage
(15-20)% increased Attack Speed
Treats Enemy Monster Elemental Resistance values as inverted
In the shifting reflections of the sea, the truth of the soul can be seen.
Drop restricted
Can be obtained as a reward for defeating the Tasalio tribe in the Trial of the Ancestors.
Vendor Offer
6x Alchemy Shard
7x Alteration Shard
Weapon DPS
Physical: (112.9-117.8)
Cold: (336.4-429.0)
Lightning: (411.9-468.8)
Elemental: (748.2-897.8)
Phys+Chaos: (112.9-117.8)
Total: (861.1-1015.6)
Item class: Two-Handed Sword

Rakiata's Dance is a unique Engraved GreatswordEngraved GreatswordTwo Hand Sword
Physical Damage: 49-102
Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
Attacks per Second: 1.30
Weapon Range: 1.3 metres
Requires Level 48, 91 Str, 76 Dex60% increased Global Accuracy Rating


Treats Enemy Monster Elemental Resistance values as inverted: This modifier only applies to hits with this weapon. Inverts positive and negative elemental resistance values after factoring curses and exposure when calculating damage. Penetration applies to the inverted value.

  • Abhorrent InterrogationAbhorrent Interrogation
    Ambush Mitts
    Evasion: (162-227)
    Energy Shield: (34-47)
    Requires Level 45, 35 Dex, 35 Int(100-150)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
    (5-7)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
    (20-25)% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit
    Enemies take 4% increased Elemental Damage from your Hits for
    each Withered you have inflicted on them
    Your Hits cannot Penetrate or ignore Elemental Resistances
    "We have methods of interrogation the Inquisitors only dream of."
    - Marcus, Brotherhood Liaison
    prevents penetration and resistance ignore stats, but does not prevent inversion of resistances, allowing for full effectiveness of both items.
  • Eye of MaliceEye of Malice
    Callous Mask
    Evasion: (610-822)
    Energy Shield: (125-168)
    Requires Level 45, 51 Dex, 51 Int(400-500)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
    +(20-40)% to Fire Resistance
    +(20-40)% to Cold Resistance
    25% chance to inflict Cold Exposure on Hit
    25% chance to inflict Fire Exposure on Hit
    Nearby Enemies have 50% increased Fire and Cold Resistances
    Through vision coloured by burning rage and icy hate peers a visitor from a realm of ill intent...(Cold Exposure applies -10% to Cold Resistance for 4 seconds)
    (Fire Exposure applies -10% to Fire Resistance for 4 seconds)
    can be used to multiply enemy resistances by 1.5x (up to their maximum resistance value), which translates to a more negative value once inverted, but also has slight anti-synergy with its exposure effect.
  • Doryani's PrototypeDoryani's Prototype
    Saint's Hauberk
    Armour: (1107-1488)
    Energy Shield: (190-255)
    Movement Speed: -5%
    Requires Level 67, 109 Str, 94 Int(150-200)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
    +(60-90) to maximum Life
    Deal no Non-Lightning Damage
    Armour also applies to Lightning Damage taken from Hits
    Lightning Resistance does not affect Lightning Damage taken
    Nearby Enemies have Lightning Resistance equal to yours
    "This was the first step in some grand design,
    lost to the ages, now ours to decipher."
    - Dominus, High Templar
    can be used to treat monsters as low as -90% Lightning Resistance based on the player's own maximum Lightning Resistance, but the loss of significant cold damage due to its line Deal no Non-Lightning Damage will need to be compensated for.

Item acquisition

Rakiata's Dance can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Rakiata's Dance can be created from the following recipes:

4The GentlemanThe Gentleman4Sword
"Axes and mauls are so uncivilised. A good clean cut to the neck with a sharp blade, that's the Sarn way!"
Random corrupted swordA
4Atziri's ArsenalAtziri's Arsenal4Weapon
In the prison of all sins, will you grasp godhood or sorrow? Only hope lies under the shadows.
Random corrupted weaponA
Influenced Item
One who is blinded by their past may only see a sliver of the present.
Random influenced itemA
6Costly CurioCostly Curio6Item
Double-Influenced Item
"Oh no, I couldn't possibly afford this fine artefact. I'm... just looking."
Random double-influenced itemA
8Arrogance of the VaalArrogance of the Vaal8Item
Discovery can lead to beauty, or it can lead to ruin.
Random two-implicit corrupted itemA
4Jack in the BoxJack in the Box4ItemTurn the crank,
close your eyes,
and pray to the gods
for a pleasant surprise.
Random itemA
1Singular IncubatorSingular IncubatorStack Size: 10Adds an incubated Unique item to an equippable item
Item drops after killing {0} monsters
Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.
Random itemA
1The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.Random divination card set exchangeA

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Rakiata's Dance Unique Sword 3D art now matches the one held by Rakiata themself.


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