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Moonstone Ring
Requires Level 38+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield+(30-40) to maximum Energy Shield
+(30-40)% to Fire Resistance
-40% to Cold Resistance
Stun Threshold is based on Energy Shield instead of Life
They will rise and fall in fire and blood.
Vendor Offer
8x Alchemy Shard
5x Alteration Shard
Item class: Ring

Valyrium is a unique Moonstone RingMoonstone RingRequires Level 20+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield.


Valyrium's stun threshold modifier bases stun on Maximum Energy Shield, not current Energy Shield, similar to the default calculation based on Life.

Mechanics such as The Agnostic, GluttonyGluttony
Leather Belt
Requires Level 48+(25-40) to maximum Life+(60-80) to maximum Life
You have Culling Strike against Cursed Enemies
Gain (20-28) Life per Cursed Enemy Hit with Attacks
Gain (10-14) Mana per Cursed Enemy Hit with Attacks
Take (100-200) Physical Damage when you use a Movement Skill
You have no Armour or Maximum Energy Shield
What started as a desire to feed
became a desire to learn...
, or Dissolution of the FleshDissolution of the Flesh
Crimson Jewel
Limited to: 1Removes all Energy Shield
Life that would be lost by taking Damage is instead Reserved
until you take no Damage to Life for 2 seconds
(20-30)% more Maximum Life
"We awoke to a sudden dawn cresting through the mountains.
Each peak rose into searing fire, a massive roiling tide.
A great eye gazed upon us, and we became known - utterly."
Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket.
are potentially useful ways of lowering ES to zero.

Item acquisition

Valyrium can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Valyrium can be created from the following recipes:

5HubrisHubris5Ring"This one? It is NOT for sale. You would sooner pry it from my lifeless hand."
- Jonfé Darontos, Ringmaker
Random ringA
7Blind VentureBlind Venture7Ring
"It's risky not knowing where your wares come from. That's why I source my own."
- Klayver, the Antiquarian
Random corrupted ringA
6The CacheThe Cache6JewelleryVintage or crafted, Glittering and shiny
Dusty or glittering, huge or tiny
Secured within a chest
or unearthed from your mining
Find jewellery everywhere,
no need for divining!
So why is it so hard
to figure out which one to wear?
This one makes me stronger,
but does it match my hair?
Random jewelleryA
Influenced Item
One who is blinded by their past may only see a sliver of the present.
Random influenced itemA
6Costly CurioCostly Curio6Item
Double-Influenced Item
"Oh no, I couldn't possibly afford this fine artefact. I'm... just looking."
Random double-influenced itemA
8Arrogance of the VaalArrogance of the Vaal8Item
Discovery can lead to beauty, or it can lead to ruin.
Random two-implicit corrupted itemA
4Jack in the BoxJack in the Box4ItemTurn the crank,
close your eyes,
and pray to the gods
for a pleasant surprise.
Random itemA
1Singular IncubatorSingular IncubatorStack Size: 10Adds an incubated Unique item to an equippable item
Item drops after killing {0} monsters
Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.
Random itemA
1The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.Random divination card set exchangeA

Legacy variants

Valyrium has a legacy variant.

Version discontinued Stats Compare each legacy variant to the current variant.
  • Stat line – Same as current variant
  • Stat line – Different from current variant


+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield

  • +(10-20) to maximum Energy Shield
  • +(20-30)% to Fire Resistance
  • -40% to Cold Resistance
  • Stun Threshold is based on Energy Shield instead of Life

Design attribution

Valyrium was created by VitaCola and Hoargald.[1]

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now grants +30-40 to maximum Energy Shield (from 10-20) and +30-40% to Fire Resistance (from 20-30%).
  • Introduced to the game.


  1. VitaCola (August 5, 2016). "The Design Process of my Ring : Valyrium". Official Path of Exile Forums. Retrieved August 5, 2016.