Version 0.10.2

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Version History
February 26, 2013
March 7, 2013
March 9, 2013

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 0.10.2 released by Grinding Gear Games.


  • Added a new Intelligence Skill - Incinerate: Launches a torrent of fire from your hand. The longer you repeatedly cast the spell from the same location, the larger and more damaging the flames become.
  • Added a new cosmetic microtransaction effect - Blue Flame Incinerate: Replaces the standard flame of Incinerate with a ghostly blue fire.
  • Added a new cosmetic microtransaction effect - Tiki Totem: Replaces the standard Spell Totem or Ranged Attack Totem with a coloured totem that has carved tiki designs.
  • Added four new Unique items, three of which were designed by our Diamond Supporters.
  • Added a new flamethrower ability to Snakes in The Blackwood.
  • Monster packs in end-game Map areas have had their size variance increased.
  • The Solaris/Lunaris Temple tilesets have been improved and should now have higher performance.
  • Added a new 3v3 PvP arena. One of the other arenas has been disabled temporarily while we fix a problem.
  • Improved blood effects.
  • Improved the Ice Spear and Lightning Arrow effects.
  • Improved the performance of Ground Ice and Ground Tar.
  • Improved the gem icons to be slightly better from a colour blindness point of view.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects and environments.


  • The passive skill tree now requires confirmation before changes are applied. This prevents accidental misclicks. If you want to skip this confirmation, ctrl+click the passive and no window will be displayed.
  • We've added a "Lost Password" button to the main menu.
  • Pressing Ctrl+up in chat allows you to cycle through previous players you've talked to via whisper in this session.
  • Chat messages that are more than one line long now indent subsequent lines so that it's harder to confuse other players with fake messages.
  • There's now a /clear_ignore_list command that will remove all entries from the list of accounts you are ignoring chat messages from. Better management of ignore lists is coming in the future.
  • Players in an area are now always granted the quest status of having killed a boss regardless of who killed it.
  • The performance statistics overlay (F1) can now be bound to other keys.

Audio Changes

  • Added PvP announcer audio for various events in matches.
  • Added personalised introductions for Nessa.
  • Added a few more Nessa greetings.
  • Added new Tarkleigh greetings.
  • Added some improved Marauder combat vocals.
  • Added improved Marauder comment dialogue.
  • Added new ranger dialogue and improved some existing ones.
  • Overhauled the audio of the Lion and Beast monsters.
  • Improved the audio for ground effects, gore effects and Pyromaniac projectiles.

Quest Reward Changes

  • Gem quest rewards were reshuffled so that caster classes have access to Incinerate around level 10.
  • The quest reward for the Kraityn quest on Cruel difficulty has been changed from 4% to 6% increased attack speed.

Item Balance Changes

  • A set of vendor recipes related to handing in complete sets of rare gear have been changed. The rewards are now based on the item levels of the gear and can range from one Orb of Chance to three Regal Orbs under certain conditions.
  • Itemlevel 78 and 79 mods are now available on items.
  • Reduced the movement speed penalty on Ebony Tower Shields. This will only affect new shields that are dropped in 0.10.2 and above.
  • Increased the base armour on Pinnacle Tower Shields. This will affect existing ones.
  • Gloves and Boots can now have up to the "Seething" increased energy shield mod. They were previously limited to "Radiating" and below.

Active Skill Balance Changes

  • Glacial Hammer's physical damage now increases by 4% per level rather than 3%.
  • Cleave's physical damage now increases by 4% per level rather than 3%.
  • Double Strike's physical damage now increases by 4% per level rather than 3%.
  • Infernal Blow's physical damage now increases by 4% per level rather than 3%.
  • Heavy Strike's physical damage now increases by 5% per level rather than 4%.
  • The Portal gem is now treated as a spell, so it is affected by things like cast speed and can exist on a Spell Totem.
  • Early levels of Fire Trap have had their damage reduced by around 35%.
  • Early levels of Poison Arrow have had their damage reduced by around 35%.
  • The mana cost of Detonate Dead has been reduced at early levels so that it's around 40% cheaper. It ramps up to the same mana cost as before for high levels.

Passive Skill Balance Changes

  • An additional group of mana passives has been added near to the Ranger area.
  • The Duelist starting area has been extensively reworked. Characters who had passives that have been affected by pathing changes have received refunds to their passive skills.
  • The first Duelist damage node now has +12 maximum life.
  • The Mana Flows group has been moved within the Duelist area. Regeneration was increased from +20% to +40%, +10 intelligence was added and the maximum mana granted was reduced from +20% to +16%.
  • Dual-wield-specific damage and attack speed passives have been improved.
  • One handed and two handed Duelist passives have been merged into a general melee track.
  • The Might notable passive has been changed to Master of the Arena (+20 strength, +2 melee range, +8% melee damage).
  • The Agility notable passive has been changed to Acceleration (+20 dexterity, +12% attack speed).
  • Berserking has been moved closer to the Duelist part of the tree.
  • The early Duelist life group has been moved onto the opening path and consolidated into 1% life regeneration, 12% maximum life and 8% maximum life.
  • The Armour Master notable passive has been removed, with its power added to the Leather and Steel nodes.
  • The Duelist Dervish passive has been increased from +8% block rate to +10%.
  • Increased the block on the Shield Mastery passive for the Duelist.
  • Added a new set of mana gained on kill passives near the Duelist area.
  • The Duelist Bow attack speed node has been increased by 2%.

Monster Balance Changes

  • Reduced the damage of Flamebearers.
  • Reduced the damage of Alchemists, especially in earlier difficulties.
  • Increased the damage of Piety's Arc skill in higher difficulties.
  • Various balance adjustments have been made to Map bosses.
  • Undying Incinerators now display that they will explode on their targets when on low life.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Culling Strike would prevent the Item Rarity/Quantity support gems from applying.
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Crabs would not drop items when they died if they were hit by enough cold damage to freeze them and kill them in one hit, if they were not already frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where map pins on the world screen would continue to pulse after hovering a waypoint.
  • Fixed some walkability problems in the Promenade and Colonnade end-game Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where using a currency item sometimes played the sound effect twice.
  • Fixed bugs related to scrolling the Options panel with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed a bug where long names could overlap the league icon in the character selection screen.
  • Fixed various problems related to sounds from inventories stacking.
  • Changed the spawning of large chests so that they're less likely to spawn right up against another object, making their items inaccessible.
  • Fixed a bug where the text on the social panel could be the wrong size after resizing the window.
  • Fixed a bug where Piety's Crematorium guards could get stuck non-aggro.
  • Fixed some bugs related to text wrapping.
  • Fixed a server crash related to bandit fights.
  • Fixed some bugs related to whether players are counted as in or out of a bandit fight.
  • Flasks will no longer be consumed when typing in chat if you have rebound the keys for those flasks.
  • Fixed a bug on the character selection screen where the up/down arrow keys were not working properly if your list was filtered by league.