Vaal Mask

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Vaal MaskEvasion: (207-239)
Energy Shield: (37-43)
Requires Level 62, 79 Dex, 72 Int
Drop level: 62
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Helmet
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Armours/Helmets/HelmetDexInt10

Vaal Mask is a helmet base type.


Unique versions

ItemRequired level
Fractal ThoughtsFractal Thoughts
Vaal Mask
Evasion: (496-669)
Energy Shield: (88-120)
Requires Level 62, 79 Dex, 72 Int(140-180)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+(25-40)% to Critical Strike Multiplier if Dexterity is higher than Intelligence
15% increased Dexterity if Strength is higher than Intelligence
1% increased Elemental Damage per 10 Dexterity
+2 to Maximum Life per 10 Intelligence
"The more the warrior understood Tangmazu's gift, the less the mask aided him.
His dreams were filled with divine laughter."
- Tenth Song of the Islands
Glimpse of ChaosGlimpse of Chaos
Vaal Mask
Evasion: (207-239)
Energy Shield: (37-43)
Requires Level 62, 79 Dex, 72 Int<Can roll a special implicit when corrupted>Can be modified while Corrupted
(30-40)% increased maximum Life and reduced Fire Resistance
(30-40)% increased maximum Mana and reduced Cold Resistance
(30-40)% increased Global maximum Energy Shield and reduced Lightning Resistance
Chaos Resistance is Zero
CorruptedMan retains sanity and strives toward civilisation
only under the blessed veil of ignorance.
The VertexThe Vertex
Vaal Mask
Evasion: (714-908)
Energy Shield: (231-315)
Requires Level 62, 79 Dex, 72 Int+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
Socketed Gems have 50% reduced Mana Cost
(245-280)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+(30-40) to maximum Energy Shield
+(24-30)% to Chaos Resistance
Enemies Cannot Leech Mana From you
"A queen should be seen, admired, but never touched."
- Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

Item acquisition

Vaal Mask can drop anywhere.


Vaal Mask can be created from the following recipes:

4Further InventionFurther Invention4Helmet
Double-Influenced Item
Item Level: 100
Why not both?
Random double-influenced item level 100 helmetA
10The JournalistThe Journalist10Helmet
Double-Veiled Item
A good spy doesn't forget she's gone undercover.
Random double-veiled helmetA
4The Carrion CrowThe Carrion Crow4Life ArmourFrom death, life.
From life, death.
The wheel turns,
and the corbies wheel overhead.
Random life armourA
5A Dusty MemoryA Dusty Memory5Item
Item Level: 100
In the oldest halls of my mind, at the end of a rarely used passage, lies my greatest treasure: one moment of happiness and innocence, pure and untouchable.
Random fractured item level 100 itemA
4The Hale HeartThe Hale Heart4Item
Item Level: 100
Elder Item
Though the years weakened his mind, his body remained deadly as ever.
Random Elder influenced item level 100 itemA
5The AspirantThe Aspirant5Item
Elevated Item
Influenced Item
Those Exiles that survive Wraeclast
dream not of home, but of power.
Random influenced item with elevated affixA
5Magnum OpusMagnum Opus5Item
Item Level: 100
Wraeclast will unite. This shall be my great work - the minds of the people made one.
Random three-implicit synthesised item level 100 itemA
1The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.Random divination card set exchangeA

Version history

Version Changes
  • Base Types are now generated with a random 0-15% (on average) higher base defence, as an inbuilt property. This means that all base types can be better than they currently are, and armour base types are not homogeneous any more.
    • Vaal Mask now has 37-43 energy shield (up from 36), and 207-239 evasion rating (up from 207). Existing items in the permanent leagues received the lowest roll, and un-corrupted not mirrored items can be re-rolled the defence roll by using a Sacred Orb.
  • Energy Shield as a defensive mechanic has undergone a review and, generally speaking, all sources of Energy Shield on items have been reduced by approximately 20%.
  • All local Energy Shield modifiers on items, as well as the base Energy Shield of items, have been reduced at higher levels. Very low-level items will see a slight increase or no change, scaling up to a 33% reduction at the highest tier of modifiers.
  • Because of Armour/Energy Shield and Evasion/Energy Shield equipment, we've had to apply this change to the local percentage modifiers on all other armour types as well. To compensate, all inherent values of base Armour and Evasion Rating on equipment are now greater at higher item levels.
  • (Read Version 3.0.0 § Item Balance for full text)
    • Vaal Mask now has 36 energy shield (down from 47) and 207 evasion rating (up from 180)
  • Helmets have been updated with new names and art. There are no longer any repeats of helmet art in the progression. Note: Existing helmets have had their name and art updated, but higher tier ones (that previously had repeated art) will show new art from the lower tier. This will be fixed in a future patch. To fix your helmet manually, put it on the cursor and type /fixmyhelmet
    • name changed from Pagan Mask to Vaal Mask.
Before 0.10.0
  • Introduced to the game.

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