Soul of Lunaris

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Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Lunaris
Location(s) The Harbour Bridge

The Soul of Lunaris is a Major god within The Pantheon. It is automatically captured by Sin after the player kills Lunaris, Eternal Moon at the end of Act 8.


In order to upgrade Lunaris, players need to follow the upgrading guide and capture the following souls:

Soul of Lunaris.pngSoul of Lunaris1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each
nearby Enemy, up to 8%
1% increased Movement Speed for each
nearby Enemy, up to 8%
Capture Sebbert, Crescent's Point in Moon Temple Map
10% chance to avoid Projectiles
Capture Khor, Sister of Shadows in Cold River Map
6% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you have been Hit Recently
Capture Captain Clayborne, The Accursed in Frozen Cabins Map
Avoid Projectiles that have Chained

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Upgraded Soul of Lunaris Pantheon no longer grants 5% chance to Dodge Attack and Spell Hits if you've been Hit Recently. It now grants 6% reduced Elemental Damage Taken if Hit Recently.
  • Introduced to the game.