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It has been suggested that information about item filter creation be split into another article titled Guide:Item filter guide.

Reason: This article should cover item filters as a concept. Specifics about creating item filters should go in a separate guide

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Item filter demonstration
Screenshot showing how item filters work in-game.

An item filter (or loot filter) is a list of rules that determines the appearance of item pickup labels in the Path of Exile user interface. This helps the player scan for valuable loot, according to their preferences.

Existing item filters are natively supported by the Path of Exile game client, but they cannot be created or edited in game. Item filters are created manually or with third-party tools. (See Guide:Item filter guide.)

Grinding Gear Games implemented Item filters into the Path of Exile UI so players can customize how the game client displays items on the ground. This feature remedies the time it takes to find useful / valuable items in game. For those who don't have experience with programming or website development, the code for the item filters might seem complex. However, the information provided here will open the door so that you, the player, can understand how the item filters work.

Using an existing filter

Step 1
Go to the following default location:
PC: %USERPROFILE%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile/
For example:
Mac: Users > [username] > Library > Application Support > Path of Exile > Preferences > Item Filters
For example:
Step 2
Locate an existing filter, i.e. from List of item filters or elsewhere.
Step 2A - Copying file
If the item filter is supplied as downloadable file with the .filter extension, you can simply download it and save it in the folder.
Step 2B - Copying Contents
Create a text file with the name you want your Filter to have. When you Save this file, be sure to select 'Save As' and set the file type to "All Files (*.*)". Copy the contents of the filter into the file.
Then save the file as: filtername.filter
It should look like this if done correctly
If you cannot see your file extension, Show/Hide File extensions in Windows
Step 3
Go to the in-game Options menu and click on the UI tab. You should see this new option, located at the very bottom of the list:
If your Filter is not a .filter file, or it is not located in the same folder as your production_Config.ini file, you won't see this option.
Step 4
Clicking 'Reload' will display this message if the Filter is working correctly:

List of item filters

Note: For sorting by multiple columns hold SHIFT.

General purpose filters

NameAuthorReleaseIngame FeaturesOther FeaturesFiltration Support
Ajido's Aesthetically Pleasing Loot FilterAjido (Twitch YouTube)2015-07-17majormajoryesyesyesyesyespartialyesyesyesno
EpicFail42's Loot FilterEpicFail422015-06-25minormajorpartialminorpartialmajoryesyesminornoyesno
Highwind's Lootfilterffhighwind2015-12-10majormajormajormajoryesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Ment's Item FilterMent20082015-04-11partialmajormajorminoryesyesyesyesyesyesnono
NeverSink's LootfilterNeverSink2015-04-15partialpartialmajormajoryesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
One Filter to rule them allMuldini2015-05-03minorminorminorminoryesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
StupidFatHobbit's SovereignStupidFatHobbit2016-03-02partialyesmajormajoryesyesyesyesyesyesnono

Specialized filters

Filters that are intended for a specialized purpose, such as leveling a specific class or otherwise.

NameAuthorReleaseIngame FeaturesOther FeaturesFiltration SupportDescription

Version history

Version Changes
  • The GemQualityType condition has been removed.
  • "Hide Filtered Ground Items" is now enabled by default due to the performance benefits it provides. This setting will be enabled upon downloading this patch and can be disabled in the Gameplay section of the Options menu.
  • Fixed a bug where Item Filters would incorrectly assign Weapons and Jewellery a BaseDefencePercentile value of 0 rather than 100.
  • Rapier One Hand Swords are once again classified as Thrusting One Hand Swords. Their Weapon Range is again 14 (instead of 11). Please update your item filters!
  • You can now filter for items without being required to use special alphanumeric characters, such as "Maelstrom Staff" rather than "Maelström Staff".
  • Fixed a rare bug where the client would repeatedly download an item filter.
  • Added an EnableDropSound parameter that can be used in Item Filters.
  • Added a chat output upon logging into a character which contains information about the currently loaded item filter if that filter is one that you are subscribed to through your account page.
  • Fixed an issue with the PlayAlertSound parameter in Item Filters not handling the Continue command correctly.
  • Added new item filter drop effect colour options.
  • Delve areas are now considered to be the level of the monsters in the shallowest part of the Delve, meaning players will not be downscaled below the level of the shallowest part of the Delve. It also means that item filters which filter by area level will work correctly in the Azurite Mine.
  • Fixed a bug where declining the save option when changing your Item Filter caused the most recently selected Item Filter to be used.
  • Fixed the item filter settings not saving when using languages other than English.
  • Fixed a bug where updating an item filter on the website would de-select it in-game.
  • You can now add Item Filters to your account through the Path of Exile website. When you then log into your game client, no matter where you are logging in from, you will then have access to all of the Item Filters tied to your account (even if you're playing on Console!).
  • Updated the default item filter.
  • Increased the volume levels of all item filter sounds as they were quieter than intended.
  • Item filters can now filter out Shaper and Elder items, if that's something you want to do for some reason.
  • Fixed a bug where quest items could be hidden on the minimap when using item filters.
  • Items filters are now capable of displaying minimap icons and lightbeams for specific categories of items, making them much harder to miss.
  • Added the capacity to use custom local sound files in your item filter.
  • Fixed an issue introduced by patch 3.3.1b which caused the default loot filter to be unable to load. If you were having this issue, please close and re-open your client in order to download the fix.
  • The default loot filter now plays audio when an item with 5 linked sockets drops.
  • Tweaked various alert sounds in the Default Loot Filter.
  • The item filter now supports sorting by gem levels, stack sizes and explicit item mods.
  • Added a keyword that item filters can use to disable default drop sounds. The keyword is "DisableDropSound".
  • Fixed a bug where some items were not being filtered correctly when using the default loot filter.
  • In item filters, you can now use PlayAlertSoundPositional rather than PlayAlertSound to play a positional version (the sound comes from where the item dropped).
  • Item filters can now play a much larger array of sounds when items drop.
  • Various improvements have been made to the default Item Filter.
  • Items filters can now see whether an item is corrupted with "Corrupted true".
  • There’s now an item filter bundled with Path of Exile that you can select in the User Interface options.
  • Added "Identified" as a filter option for Item Filters. Valid values for this filter are "True" or "False".
  • Fixed a bug where Labyrinth Items could be displayed incorrectly when modifying how they are shown using Item Filters.
  • Sound events triggered by item filters can now have a maximum volume of 300 (up from 100).
  • Fixed a bug with Item Filters where some item types would not load if they were included in a type that was already loaded. For example, "Thrusting" when "Swords" was already loaded.
  • We’ve added Item Filter functionality. You can now filter what types of items you want to see, cause sounds to play, change the font colour, size, and other options. For more information about item filters, check out

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