Default Attack

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NameDefault Attack
Skill IdMelee
Cast Time1.00 sec
Level Req.1
Attack Speed100% of base
Attack Damage100% of base
Effectiveness of Added Damage100%
Strike your foes down with a powerful blow.

Default Attack (also referred to as autoattack) is an attack skill that can be used by all characters and almost all monsters. It can be used with all weapon types, including ranged weapons (despite the skill id being called "melee"), as well as unarmed. Wand autoattacks zig-zag and can have a slight spread in targeting.


Default Attack possesses no special stats or bonuses. This skill does not have any cost, and will be used automatically in lieu of other attack skills if the player does not have sufficient resource to spend for the skill's cost when the skill is used; this can be helpful to leech mana. When dual-wielding, the weapon used will alternate.

Using Default Attack is considered as using a skill, for the purposes of effects like Master Distiller.

Using spells to cancel the Default Attack animation provides interesting synergy with Instruments of Zeal[1].

Default Attacks using weapons scale their base damage from the weapon's damage stats. Unarmed Default Attacks have the following base damage:

Class Base unarmed
physical damage
Witch 2–5
Shadow 2–5
Scion 2–6
Templar 2–6
Ranger 2–5
Marauder 2–8
Duelist 2–6