Darkness Enthroned

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Darkness Enthroned
Stygian Vise
Has 1 Abyssal SocketHas 1 Abyssal Socket
75% increased Effect of Socketed Abyss Jewels
Hold in your hand the darkness
and never will the light blind you.
Darkness Enthroned inventory icon.png
Drop restricted
Drop level: 73
Darkness Enthroned may drop from the Abyssal Liches.
Vendor Offer
8x Alchemy Shard
Item class: Belt

Darkness Enthroned is a unique Stygian ViseStygian ViseHas 1 Abyssal Socket.

Item acquisition

Darkness Enthroned has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Darkness Enthroned may drop from the Abyssal Liches.

Monster restrictions

This item can be acquired from the following monsters:


The 75% increased Effect of Socketed Jewels increases the values of each of the two socketed jewels and rounds the increased values down.

Legacy variants

Darkness Enthroned has a legacy variant.

Version Discontinued Modifiers

  • Has 1 Abyssal Socket
  • Has 1 Abyssal Socket
  • 50% increased Effect of Socketed Jewels

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now increases the effect of socketed jewels by 75% (from 50%). Existing items can be updated to these new values if you use a Divine OrbDivine OrbStack Size: 10Randomises the numeric values of the random modifiers on an itemRight click this item then left click a magic, rare or unique item to apply it.
    Shift click to unstack.
  • Introduced to the game.

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