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Barbute Helmet
Armour: (92-115)Requires Level 18, 42 StrOnslaughtWe may fight, and we may die, but in these
moments of blood and battle, we truly live.
Vendor Offer
6x Alchemy Shard
Item class: Helmet

Thrillsteel is a unique Barbute HelmetBarbute HelmetArmour: (92-115)Requires Level 18, 42 Str.


Item acquisition

Thrillsteel can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Thrillsteel can be created from the following recipes:

3Sambodhi's WisdomSambodhi's Wisdom3DisabledNo blade conquers sin;
guide a sinner to virtue,
unveil their lost sight—
your eyes, too, see in
everyone the inner child,
no matter their might.
Random armour with 30% qualityA
Influenced Item
One who is blinded by their past may only see a sliver of the present.
Random influenced itemA
6Costly CurioCostly Curio6Item
Double-Influenced Item
"Oh no, I couldn't possibly afford this fine artefact. I'm... just looking."
Random double-influenced itemA
8Arrogance of the VaalArrogance of the Vaal8Item
Discovery can lead to beauty, or it can lead to ruin.
Random two-implicit corrupted itemA
4Jack in the BoxJack in the Box4ItemTurn the crank,
close your eyes,
and pray to the gods
for a pleasant surprise.
Random itemA
1Singular IncubatorSingular IncubatorStack Size: 10Adds an incubated Unique item to an equippable item
Item drops after killing {0} monsters
Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.
Random itemA
1The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.Random divination card set exchangeA

Version history

Version Changes
  • No longer provides the Onslaught property within town, as Onslaught is now a buff, which buff cannot be activated in town. [Undocumented This change was not documented by any official sources. It was discovered through player testing or datamining.]
  • Introduced to the game.