Disciple of Kitava

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Disciple of Kitava
Every second, Consume a nearby Corpse to Recover 5% of Life and Mana
10% more Damage taken if you haven't Consumed a Corpse Recently [1]
All are invited to his feast, one way or another.

Disciple of Kitava is a keystone passive skill that grants the ability to consume a nearby corpse, recovering 5% of life and mana. However, if a corpse has not been consumed recently, 10% more damage is taken.


The life and mana recovery granted by Disciple of Kitava is instant, and thus can not be scaled with increased life or mana recovery rate like the Tricksters' Patient Reaper notable. However, this also means it is unaffected by reductions to recovery rate such as the of Smothering map mod.

Related unique items

The following unique items are related to Disciple of Kitava:

ItemBase ItemRequired levelStats
Kitava's TeachingsKitava's Teachings
Small Cluster Jewel
Adds Disciple of KitavaSavour the bitter, cherish the sweet,
For there may never be another chance to eat.
Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket.
Small Cluster Jewel1Adds Disciple of Kitava


Disciple of Kitava mechanics and interactions

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.

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