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This article describes historical game content.

Shaper's Orb is removed from the game in Version 3.9.0. Players can obtain Shaped Maps through trade in the permanent leagues. Maps with tier boosted from their base may be offered by Kirac in his Atlas Mission.

Shaper's OrbUpgrades a Tier (1-10) map on the Atlas by five tiersRight click this item then left click on a map on the Atlas to upgrade it by five tiers.
Drop level: 68
Item class: Quest Item
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/QuestItems/MapUpgrades/MapUpgradeTier1_1

Shaper's Orbs are non-tradable consumable items that can be used to upgrade the tier of a map in the Atlas of Worlds. This causes future drops of that map to have a "Shaped" prefix and the upgraded tier level. Atlas progress and map shaping is tracked separately for each league, and shared between all characters in that league.


Players acquire Shaper's Orbs by collecting Memory Fragments and giving them to Zana. Memory Fragments are found by killing the bosses of Elder-influenced maps circled in purple on the Atlas. To acquire the final five Memory Fragments, you must defeat the four Elder Guardians with the Elder occupying a red-tier map, then defeat the Elder.

Found in
map tier
Shaper's Orb Notes
I (1) 6 Tier 1
II (2) 7 Tier 2
III (3) 8 Tier 3
IV (4) 9 Tier 4
V (5) 10 Tier 5
VI (6) 11 Tier 6
VII (7) 12 Tier 7
VIII (8) 13 Tier 8, #1
X (10) 14 Tier 9, #1
XIII (13) 15 Tier 10, #1
IX (9) red Elder Tier 8, #2 Occupied by the Enslaver. Map opened/owned by you.
XI (11) red Elder Tier 9, #2 Occupied by the Eradicator. Map opened/owned by you.
XII (12) red Elder Tier 9, #3 Occupied by the Constrictor. Map opened/owned by you.
XIV (14) red Elder Tier 10, #2 Occupied by the Purifier. Map opened/owned by you.
XV (15) red Tier 10, #3 Occupied by the Elder. Map opened/owned by you.
The Shaper must be kept alive.
  • The more common memory fragment is always given first, e.g. completing a T13 map with an Elder Guardian before completing a T13 Elder-influenced map will drop fragment 8 (VIII) instead of the Guardian specific fragment.
  • Memory fragments are collected in the Book of Memories at The Templar Laboratory (Epilogue). The page numbers correspond to the fragment numbers in the table above.
  • Please note that the quest tracker simply displays the amount of memory fragments you've found so far, it does not tell you the (roman) memory fragment number you will find next. The fragments are numbered based on the Shaper's Orb they result in, which does not correspond to the order you find the fragments in. In particular, if you've only collected the ten fragments from Elder-influence, you have collected fragments number 1-8, 10 and 13, and the quest tracker will show 10/15.


Shaper's Orbs are used to upgrade lower tier maps whose layout or bosses a player may find accessible but whose drops and experience gains wouldn't otherwise be attractive. A Shaper's Orb grants +5 to the tier of those maps, i.e. increases the difficulty. Subsequently that increases the experience gained from slain monsters and item level of their drops. Note that Shaper's Orbs don't add Increased Item Rarity or Increased Item Quantity to that map. Unique maps can't be shaped.

Shaping a map can be undone using an Unshaping OrbUnshaping OrbStack Size: 10Downgrades a map on the AtlasRight click this item then left click a shaped map on the atlas to downgrade it. You can then earn the Shaper's Orb again to reshape another map afterwards. which is obtained by vendoring 20 Cartographer's ChiselsCartographer's ChiselStack Size: 20Improves the quality of a mapRight click this item then left click a map to apply it. Has greater effect on lower-rarity maps. The maximum quality is 20%. and 5 Orbs of RegretOrb of RegretStack Size: 40Grants a passive skill refund pointRight click on this item to use it.. Once unshaped, players can talk to Zana to re-obtain the Shaper's Orb.

See also

  • Elder's OrbElder's OrbUpgrades any map on the Atlas to Tier 16Right click this item then left click on a map on the Atlas to upgrade it to tier 16.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Shaper's Orbs are removed from the game
  • Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV no longer require you to defeat the Elder or its guardians in specific map tiers. Instead, defeating each guardian and the elder within ANY red-tier map will get you one of these fragments.
  • You can no longer get Shaper memory fragments XI through to XV from a map if you are not the map's owner.
  • Acquisition mechanic reworked. Orbs are now acquired by turning in memory fragments.
  • Introduced to the game.