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Part two refers to the second part of Path of Exile's storyline. In part two, the exile returns to familiar places in Wraeclast after having awoken the gods in Act 5.

Introduced in The Fall of Oriath expansion, these acts take place in the same regions as their part one counterparts, and bear some similarities to the repeated-playthrough Difficulty system they replaced. However new characters, stories, and systems are introduced, most notably Sin and The Pantheon.

Part two includes these acts:

Plot summary

After failing to stop the reawakening of Kitava, his hunger threatens to consume the whole of Oriath and Wraeclast. Sin has a plan to deal with the god, but he requires the souls of Shavronne, Maligaro, and Doedre, which will enable him to collect the Dark Ember from the Beast. These souls happen to be convenient returns to past glories, being located in the same regions as the bosses in part one. Finally, upon collecting the Ember, the exile returns to Oriath for a final showdown against Kitava.

In addition to Kitava, the death of the Beast has awakened many other gods in the world. In Acts 6-8 these gods wreak havoc over Wraeclast, and eliminating them supplements the tasks from Sin regarding the thaumaturgists' souls. These tasks often bring the exile back in contact with familiar NPCs from the earlier regions, such as Nessa, Greust, and Silk. As a reward for doing so, Sin is also capable of infusing the exile with a portion of the defeated gods' powers.

The six Trials of Ascendancy formerly located in Cruel and Merciless difficulties are located in Acts 6-7 as well as Acts 8-10 respectively.


Name Description
Sin and Salvation
Complete Part 2.

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