Abyssal Army

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Abyssal Army
Notable Passive Skill
Abysses in your Maps spawn 50% increased Monsters
Abyss Monsters in your Maps grant 50% increased Experience [1]

Abyssal Army is an atlas passive skill.


As of version 3.21.0, it is located in the centre of the passive skill tree; Votive Hoard is also located in the same cluster, but in the other branch. The two notables shared the same starting small passive "Abyss Chance" of the passive skill cluster.

Version history

The atlas passive skill was exclusive to New Vastir atlas region from version 3.13.0 to 3.15.3d. It is moved to Glennach Cairns atlas region in version 3.16.0 and became whole atlas-wide in version 3.17.0. At the same time atlas regions are removed.

Version Changes
  • The Abyssal Army Atlas Notable Passive Skill now causes Abysses in your Maps to spawn 50% increased monsters (previously 100%).
  • Now part of atlas-wide skill tree.
  • Some Atlas Passives have been removed as a result of the number of Atlas Regions changing, while others have been moved to another Region.
  • Now grant Abysses in Area spawn 100% increased Monsters (previously more monsters)[1]
  • Introduced to the game.[2]


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