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Fragment Stash Tab can be purchased in the shop for 75 points.

The Fragment Stash Tab has slots for most map fragments and their respective splinters, as well as Breach Blessings, Scarabs, and Invitations.

SimulacrumsSimulacrumHow do you defeat that which dwells within you?Open a Delirium portal by using this item in a personal Map Device. Can only be used once. and Simulacrum SplintersSimulacrum SplinterStack Size: 300Combine 300 Splinters to create a Simulacrum. do not have slots here, as they instead fall under Delirium Affinity and instead go into the Delirium Stash Tab.

Blood-filled VesselsBlood-filled VesselCan be used in a personal Map Device alongside a Map to add the monsters stored from a previous Ritual Altar to a Ritual Altar in that Map. cannot be stored as they have variable stats and cannot stack; beast lures also were never able to be stored.


Version history

Version Changes
  • Updated the Scarab section of the Fragment Stash Tab.
  • The Fragment Stash Tab can now hold Eldritch and Maven Invitations.[1]
  • The Fragment Stash Tab can now hold Breach Blessings.
  • Introduced to the game.[3]