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Patch notes updates

Character class attributes

Cargo queries like this one could be helpful for sections like Attribute#Base Attributes and Strength#Base Strength.

Class Strength Dexterity Intelligence
Duelist 23 23 14
Marauder 32 14 14
Ranger 14 32 14
Scion 20 20 20
Shadow 14 23 23
Templar 23 14 23
Witch 14 14 32

Looks like Cargo doesn't support arithmetic on columns from the same table[1], so displaying a Total column in the table is not easy. Perhaps something ungodly could be done with joins and a SUM.

Then again, we know the total is always 60, maybe it's not necessary to include it. Just say that where this table is included.

List of unique monsters

Some draft work for Cargo-izing List of unique monsters

Name Level Area act monsters.monster_type_id
Hillock 1 The Twilight Strand 1 ZombieBossNormal ZombieBossNormal
Fire Fury 2 The Coast 1 CannibalBossFireFury CannibalBossFireFury
Hailrake 3 The Tidal Island 1 CannibalBossHailrake CannibalBossHailrake
Oozeback Bloom 4 The Mud Flats 1 BigRhoaBoss BigRhoaBoss
Kadavrus the Defiler 5 The Fetid Pool 1 NecromancerKadavrus NecromancerKadavrus


Hmm, how can we get the pretty monster type name for these unique monsters?

  • Not all of the monster_type_ids are present in monster_types
  • monster_types doesn't even have a column for a pretty representation
  • Pages like Cannibal all look to be manually edited, not generated from game data.
  • The closest we get to a category is the third part in the metadata_id, like Metadata/Monsters/Rhoas/RhoaBoss

If no mapping exists, maybe a pretty monster type column should be sacrificed?