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Not to be confused with Evasion.

Dodge is a layer of defence that provides a chance to prevent hits.


Whether a character dodges a hit is determined by their chance to dodge, which is capped at 75%. Dodge is rolled randomly each time the character would be hit. On a successful dodge, the character does not take the hit. For this reason, dodge is handled before block and avoidance, both of which provide a chance to mitigate the damage of hits rather than preventing them outright. Dodge is not affected by the enemy's accuracy.

Sources of dodge

The only source of dodge is the Acrobatics keystone, which provides a chance to dodge spell hits from spell suppression modifiers.

Modifiers to Chance to Suppress Spell Damage instead apply to Chance to Dodge Spell Hits at 50% of their value
Maximum Chance to Dodge Spell Hits is 75% [1]

Version history

Before version 3.16.0, the game had both attack dodge and spell dodge. The former is removed entirely, while the latter became a special stat only obtainable from the Acrobatics keystone. On a related note, GGG has also introduced a new layer of damage mitigation called spell suppression, which has a chance to reduce spell damage by 50% at base value.

Version Changes
  • Attack dodge has been removed from the game entirely.
  • Existing sources of dodge have been replaced with spell suppression or other bonuses.
  • The Acrobatics keystone has been redesigned to change any modifiers to Spell Suppression into Spell Dodge at 50% of their value.

For a detailed explanation of these changes, see Version 3.16.0 § Core Character Defences and Recovery.

  • Spell Block and Spell Dodge now apply to reflected Spell damage.
  • Introduced to the game.