Mark the Prey

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Mark the Prey
Notable Passive Skill
Marked Enemy takes 10% increased Damage
Marked Enemy has 10% reduced Accuracy Rating [1]

Mark the Prey is a notable passive skill.


Blight anointment to unlock the passive:

Oil #1Oil #2Oil #3Outcome
Sepia OilIndigo OilBlack OilMark the Prey
Marked Enemy takes 10% increased Damage
Marked Enemy has 10% reduced Accuracy Rating

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Mark the Prey cluster has been moved to the location where the Arcing Blows cluster used to be, where Arcing Blows cluster has moved to a new location above the Ghost Dance Keystone.
  • The notable no longer provides Marked Enemy grants 30% increased Flask Charges to you. Instead, it now provides "Marked Enemy has 10% reduced Accuracy Rating".
  • The three small Passive Skills prior have been replaced with two that each provide 20% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments against Marked Enemy.
  • Mark the Prey receives a new internal use id, passive skill icon and anointment oil combo. The old id, oil combo and icon are used by new passive skill Relentless Pursuit instead. (Changes deduced from Passive Skill Tree JSON)
  • Can now be anointed.
  • Introduced to the game. Initially known as "Mark the Weak" in the patch notes but not in the live patch.
  • It was located in the southeast of the Ranger starting location of the passive skill tree. The whole cluster grants increased Cast Speed for Curses (the first small node), and causes hits against Marked Enemies to have increased Critical Strike Chance (joint-2nd small node on the left). It also causes Marked Enemies to have reduced accuracy (joint-2nd small node on the right), take increased damage, and grant additional flask charges when slain (the notable itself).