List of fossil-only Delve prefixes for jewel

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This article describes historical game content.

Fossil no longer generate exclusive mod since version 3.10.0; these mods can only be found in existing items in the permanent leagues

List of prefix modifiers that could spawn on Jewels by using fossil. Modifiers from the same group can not spawn together.

NameGroupsStatsTagsSpawn Weighting
SubterraneanColdResistancePenetrationDamage Penetrates 1% Cold Resistanceelemental_damage, damage, elemental, coldjewel 1000
abyss_jewel 1000
SubterraneanElementalPenetrationDamage Penetrates 1% Elemental Resistanceselemental_damage, damage, elementalabyss_jewel 1600
jewel 1600
SubterraneanFireResistancePenetrationDamage Penetrates 1% Fire Resistanceelemental_damage, damage, elemental, firejewel 1000
abyss_jewel 1000
SubterraneanAllDefences(4-6)% increased Global Defencesdefencesjewel 1000
abyss_jewel 1000
SubterraneanLifeRegenerationRatePercentageRegenerate 0.3% of Life per secondresource, lifejewel 1000
abyss_jewel 1000
SubterraneanLightningResistancePenetrationDamage Penetrates 1% Lightning Resistanceelemental_damage, damage, elemental, lightningjewel 1000
abyss_jewel 1000
SubterraneanPhysicalDamageOverTimeTaken(2-1)% reduced Physical Damage taken over timephysicaljewel 1000
abyss_jewel 1000

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