Clutching Talisman

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Clutching TalismanTalisman Tier: 2(15-25)% increased Global DefencesCorruptedFear the children of the First Ones.
Let fear shield your back.
And let the dullard speak of bravery
when the First Ones come for him.
- The Wolven King
Drop restricted
Drop level: 1
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Amulet
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Amulets/Talismans/Talisman2_5

Clutching Talisman is a talisman base type.

Unique versions

ItemRequired level
Clutching Talisman
Talisman Tier: 2
Requires Level 28
(15-25)% increased Global Defences+(20-30) to maximum Energy Shield
+(15-30)% to Fire Resistance
+(15-30)% to Lightning Resistance
50% slower start of Energy Shield Recharge during any Flask Effect
(150-200)% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate during any Flask Effect
CorruptedLong ago, the ocean was a puddle where a golden fish dwelt,
who lit the ocean from within and kept the water fresh.
When the sky burned, the fish dived deep,
never to return, and the waters turned sour.

Item acquisition

Clutching Talisman has restrictions on where or how it can drop.


Clutching Talisman can be created from the following recipes:

1Primal IncubatorPrimal IncubatorStack Size: 10Adds an incubated Talisman item to an equippable item
Item drops after killing {0} monsters
Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.
Random talismanA

Clutching Talisman was an item exclusive to the hardcore variant of the Talisman league.

After the league end, rare Talisman can be acquired from other game mechanics, read Talisman article for details.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Removed the league-exclusivity from four types of Talisman. Now all Talismans and their unique counterparts are available across both Legacy Standard and Legacy Hardcore.
  • Introduced to the game.

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