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Veteran in en-wikipedia, just semi-retired over there as nothing interesting to be created over there.

I have a bot account User:Kowloonwikibot.

The username was derived from my twitch account name, which in turn due to site merger, my usual game username , cannot be registered over there.


To do list

Run pypoe (and before that, fix the script) and fix all the incursion room article

Run pypoe for passive. Current counter: 0 (for 3.15) [1-1550) (for 3.14)

Delve node

mystery monsters

Skill page created by myself and need to check by myself

Item skill

now all picked up by the bot user:BotK2 (User:OmegaK2) retired

Active skill from passive tree

Monster skill

  1. Skill:AbyssPillarMortar
  2. Skill:BreachBlizzard
  3. Skill:BreachBlizzardSpectre
  4. Skill:BreachBlizzardBoss
  5. Skill:ChaosDegenAura
  6. Skill:SlavedriverFlameWhip
  7. Skill:AuraIncreasedDamageTaken
  8. Skill:LunarisDarkProjectile
  9. Skill:EmpoweringHowl
  10. Skill:EmpoweringHowlSpectre
  11. Skill:MonsterRighteousFire
  12. Skill:MonsterRighteousFireWhileSpectred
  13. Skill:HeistFreidrichQuickblood
  14. Skill:MonsterLightningProjectileNova
  15. Skill:MonsterProximityShield
  16. Skill:ShavronneSpellProjectile
  17. Skill:MPSHellscapeFleshEliteBasicProj
  18. Skill:HolyFireElementalFireball
  19. Skill:SpecialBeamCannon
  20. FireballSuperNovaCitystalker