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Looks like Aul's Uprising follows the Str/Int/Dex system to determine rolls

Rather than all modifiers being random, looking at the amulets for sale on [1] looks like if you rolled a blue or Int aura, like Clarity or Wrath, you get + to Intelligence, Nearby Enemies have an additional 2% chance to receive a Critical Strike, and % Increased Energy Shield. Dex auras grant dex, % evasion, and Nearby Enemies grant 25% increased Flask Charges, while Str auras grant strength, % armour, and Nearby Enemies have 10% reduced Stun and Block Recovery. The only exception is for the "colorless" (or chaos) gem of Envy, where you get global attributes and global defenses, and you are granted the ability. I don't have any familiarity with datamining so I don't know if the generation or modifiers have been found, but if moving forward this trend continues should a table listing this method be added to the page? --WiseWill 05:01, 10 September 2018‎

I saw a copy on, which had +20 to all attributes and all attributes % increased simultaneously. This is the reason why I have edited this entry many times - this item is not subject to the typical equipment convention used in PoE so far, might be possible that you can drop version with other „non-gem” mana reserve skill, in example Aspect of the Cat when in Bestiary room… --LordBlick (talk) 09:48, 10 September 2018 (UTC)
I don't think that's right Lord Black.
  1. Aspect of the Cat reserves no mana is a unique explicit on bestiary gear, and so it's not necessarily from Aul's uprising
  2. Aul's uprising afaik only drops from Aul, the Crystal King
  3. No other aspects have that affix
--Tchosenone 09:27, 11 September 2018‎

Proposed Change to Aul's Uprising to match Impresence theme

At this time, using the link in my first post, it's looks like Aul's Uprising can be categorized into 4 variants: It either grants Energy Shield, Armour, Evasion, or Global Defenses (or, alternatively, Int, Str, Dex, or Global Attributes). The Global Defenses variant is only found with the Envy aura so far. The other three variants make an aura of their color reserve no mana, and then has a fixed special affix similar to a curse depending on the defense granted. The main page has already been updated with that information. It follows a similar theme to Impresence, with the different variants. We can do the same thing with Aul's, by making 4 specific variant pages(either call them ES, AR, EV, Global or Int, Str, Dex, Global) and then making this main page contain information show the 4 variants. --WiseWill 18 September 2018‎