Rapture Device

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This page is about the machine created by Malachai. For the hideout decoration, see Rapture Device (hideout decoration).
Rapture Device

The Rapture Device is a mysterious machine, located in the Crystal Veins. It requires The Eye of DesireThe Eye of Desire"It is a cruel joke that
Man was born with more
Intent than Life."
- Malachai
, The Eye of FuryThe Eye of Fury"Fear becomes Hatred.
Hatred becomes Fury.
Thus is Man transformed
from Martyr to Maker."
- Malachai
and Lady Dialla's life force to activate it. It can drill a hole into the Beast, allowing entry into its bowels.

When the Purity Rebellion overthrew the rule of Gemlings, Malachai was the only one of the lead thaumaturges allowed to live thanks to an act of deception and betrayal. He promised the recently crowned Emperor Voll that he can construct a device that could destroy Thaumaturgy itself: a device that could kill the Beast. This was a promise Voll couldn't refuse as it was his greatest desire. Voll allowed Malachai to build this device, which would use Lady Dialla, the Gemling Queen, as a power source. When the time came to unleash the Rapture Device's power, Dialla, in an admitted act of selfishness, chose not to sacrifice herself to the Device, and so it merely tore open a hole into the Belly of the Beast, rather than destroy it completely. Malachai, counting on Dialla's slavish love for him and her refusal to sacrifice herself, took advantage of the situation and entered the Beast; not to kill it, but so that he could take control of its power.

Upon entering the Beast, Malachai quickly used his newly acquired power to usher in The Cataclysm that destroyed all civilisation. Survivors were disorganised and unable to stop him; mutated animals and the living dead were enough to repel invaders. Inside the Beast, Malachai plans to destroy the world and reforge it anew according to his wicked visions. Dialla still believes she is the cause of the Cataclysm because she did not sacrifice herself, and blames herself for it. Now, with Dialla's help, somebody must activate the Device again and stop Malachai before he makes his Nightmare a reality.