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There are several caveats and peculiarities regarding how Recombinators work; the below list is not an exhaustive list:

Base selection

  • The name of the combined item is randomized.
  • The base item, item level, and sockets & links are rolled for independently and likely have an equal chance to pick between either original item.
    • Special basetypes like Grasping MailGrasping MailArmour: (217-250)
      Evasion: (217-250)
      Energy Shield: (44-51)
      Movement Speed: -3%
      Requires Level 70, 60 Str, 60 Dex, 60 IntOf ash and avalanche,
      in storm and flesh,
      we dream of unity.
      The time approaches...
      , Sacrificial GarbSacrificial GarbArmour: (329-378)
      Evasion: (329-378)
      Energy Shield: (67-77)
      Movement Speed: -3%
      Requires Level 72, 66 Str, 66 Dex, 66 Int+1 to Level of all Vaal Skill Gems
      , Ward basetypes, etc all are valid.
    • Enchantments, perfection, implicit modifiers, Scourge modifiers, and Corrupted/Split/Mirrored status all appear to be tied to the chosen original item.
      • Corrupted original items can transfer mods like non-corrupted items.
    • Item level is either the average of both items, +2.[guesswork?]

Explicit modifiers

  • The item attempts to pull modifiers directly from either original item.
    • Tiers can go up or down.
    • Modifiers may be divined.
  • Drop-only modifiers (e.g. Delve, Incursion, Grasping Mail) can be transferred and combined.
    • Multiple drop-only modifiers can result (Incursion Fire Res + Incursion Cold Res modifiers on the same glove)
    • Fractured modifiers will usually remain fractured, and cause the item to become Fractured.
      • Multiple Fractured modifiers can be combined together.
  • Basetype specific modifiers (e.g. Spell Suppression) can be transferred onto non-corresponding basetypes (e.g. onto a pure ES basetype)
  • Does not work with Prefix/Suffix metamods.
  • Imprints cannot be used regardless of which original item was chosen.
  • Two magic items can result in a normal item outcome.
    • Appears to have better results with higher numbers of modifiers. [guesswork?]

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