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A template is a page created to be included in other pages. Templates usually contain repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of articles or pages. They are commonly used for standard warnings or notices, infoboxes, navigational boxes and similar purposes. The most common method of inclusion is called transclusion, where the wikitext of the target page contains a reference to the template, using the {{Template name}} syntax.

Templates that are being used on a page shows up in a list at the bottom of when in editing mode or in the sidebar. They link to their main page which explains the purpose, parameters and other useful information.

Writing templates


  • Always document templates on the respective /doc page (see Template documentation for details)
  • Complicated templates should be implemented in lua
  • Add categories to the /doc page
  • Use English words for naming separated by a space
  • Do not capitalize all words

Template documentation

  • Always document the template you are creating
  • Create a list of arguments the template takes and a description of what they do (and if they are optional)
  • Add appropriate categories to the template (NOT the /doc subpage, i.e. use <includeonly></includeonly> tags)

Template test cases

  • Please create the testcases page and add test cases for new templates! It makes things much easier to maintain.
  • Please put the {{testcases notice}} template at the top of the testcases page.
  • The {{test case}} template makes it easy to write test cases that run the same tests against both the main and the sandbox version of the template. See the documentation to find out how it works.

For article markup

Here are some templates that let you create articles using the Path of Exile look and feel.


  • {{Item link}} - Queries and displays a single inline item link.
    • {{Il}} shortcut
    • {{Sl}} is a shortcut for skill and support gems only
  • {{Item}} is used to create item infoboxes and add cargo data. Can partially be exported by PyPoE
  • {{Item table}} is used to create item tables (i.e. lists with various properties of items) for items that have been added with the item template
  • {{Skill}} to enter non-item skill data (for skill gems use {{item}})
  • {{Skill progression}} to fetch skill progression from semantic data entered with {{skill}}
  • {{Skill enchantment modifier list‎‎}} to create a page section containing a modifier list for skill enchantments


  • {{Mod}} - Creates mod infoboxes with cargo data.
  • {{Modifier table}} - Queries and displays modifier tables.
  • {{Modifier link}} - Queries and displays a single inline modifier link.
    • {{Ml}} - Shortcut


  • {{Version}} creates a version infobox and adds cargo data


  • {{abbr}} to create an html abbreviation (ex: abbreviation)
  • {{Tooltip}} is similar to {{abbr}} (ex: abbreviation a very long text)
  • {{C}} used to apply pre-defined colour/style classes to text.

Table cells

Templates that can be used to fill out table cells

Template Result
{{n/a}} N/A

Create characters

Can be used to avoid problems in template calls

Template Output HTML alternative
{{!}} (m) | &#124;
{{=}} = &#61;
{{!!}} || &#124;&#124;
{{!(}} [ &#91;
{{)!}} ] &#93;
{{!((}} [[ &#91;&#91;
{{))!}} ]] &#93;&#93;
{{(}} { &#123;
{{)}} } &#125;
{{((}} {{ &#123;&#123;
{{))}} }} &#125;&#125;
{{(((}} {{{ &#123;&#123;&#123;
{{)))}} }}} &#125;&#125;&#125;
{{(!}} {| &#123;&#124;
{{!)}} |} &#124;&#125;

Templates for article review and discussion

As with any other wiki, editors will need to flag articles for review and discussion. In addition to the standard Wikipedia templates like {{citation needed}}, there are some other templates more specific to this wiki that we use to stimulate discussion:

  • {{Dubious}}, for material that you think may be factually incorrect or obsolete
  • {{Better source needed}}, for material that has a source, but where you think that source is out-of-date or unreliable.
  • {{Guesswork}}, for material that there seems to be no way to confirm, such as "The current theory is..."
  • {{Discuss}}, for all those other cases where something just seems to be off.

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