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Thank you for helping out with the Path of Exile Wiki!

If you're reading this article, then you should already have learned the basics about wiki editing in general and about Path of Exile editing in particular. This article will discuss more advanced topics.

As always, check out Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list for a list of general to-dos that are being worked on.

Advanced information

Advanced editing tasks

  • Browse Category:Maintenance and look for pages that need more complicated repairs.
  • When content is duplicated in multiple articles, put it in one place using Labeled Section Transclusion.
  • Look for ways to replace hardcoded lists and tables with Cargo queries that retrieve the same information.
  • Translate pages into other languages. See the Translation guidelines.

Infrastructure improvement tasks

  • Port existing templates to lua modules.

Creating uncompressed DDS files from the ggpk for the wiki

You need ooz. Pre-complied files can be found here.

Optional step: Generate a table of content of the game files: bun_extract_files list-files "(location of the ggpk).ggpk" > output.txt

Extract files: bun_extract_files extract_files "(location of the ggpk).ggpk" "Extract location e.g. C:\user\Desktop" "Filepath of the file inside ggpk"

After extracting the dds from ggpk. Convert the dds to png with any software you like.