Throne of Atziri

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Throne of Atziri
ArchitectXipocado, Royal Architect
Increases the number of magic monsters throughout the Temple.
Contains Queen Atziri.
30% more Magic Monsters
A vision, sublime, untouched by time.
Xipocado, Royal Architect

I. Royal Meeting Room

II. Hall of Lords

III. Throne of Atziri

Throne of Atziri is the tier 3 incursion room of Xipocado, Royal Architect.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Royal Meeting Room and its higher tiers now add more Magic monsters to the Temple. If you manage to find Atziri in there, her base life will now more closely match that of her Vaal Fragment equivalent.
  • Introduced to the game as core mechanics
  • The level of the present-day temple is now the average level of each Incursion, +10, capped at the highest level Incursion for that Temple.
  • Introduced to the game as league mechanics

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