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  • Follow up from 3.17
  1. Gems - there are still some issues with some gems' quality not importing correctly
    1. hybrid gem problems
  2. Expedition map series... Zao is the best <3
  • Update favicon and logo
  • Update Patch Notes to link to relevant wiki pages
  • Update Version History on relevant wiki pages with new changes from patch notes
  • Run import from PyPoE to wiki
  1. Mods
  2. Areas PyPoE exporting to wiki is done, but AWB null editing may be needed.
  3. Skills
  4. Monsters
  5. Items including images
  6. New Map Series
  7. Gems - there are still some issues with some gems' quality not importing correctly.
  8. Passives
  9. Atlas Tree Passives
  • Update tables using the following lua exports from PyPoE:
  1. atlas Extract atlas information not covered by maps
  2. bestiary Extract bestiary information
  3. blight Extract blight information
  4. crafting_bench Extract crafting bench information
  5. delve Extract delve information
  6. harvest Extract harvest information (not covered by items)
  7. heist Extract heist information (not covered by items)
  8. monster Extract monster information
  9. pantheon Extract pantheon information
  10. synthesis Extract synthesis information
  11. ot Extract .ot file information used by Module:Data tables
  12. minimap Extract minimap icon information
  13. mastery Extract mastery information

  • 3.18 New item page check list
12 New Div Cards Altered Perception, The Brawny Battle Mage, Darker Half, A Fate Worse Than Death, The Forward Gaze, From Bone to Ashes, Further Invention, Home, Rebirth and Renewal, The Apothecary, The Destination, The Dungeon Master
6 New Unique Items Sublime Vision, Impossible Escape, The Eternal Struggle, Call of the Void, Echoes of Creation, The Burden of Truth
4 Revamped Items Thread of Hope, Forbidden Flame, Forbidden Flesh, Impresence
New Currency Power Core, Transforming Power Core, Amplifying Power Core, Augmenting Power Core, Weapon Recombinator, Armour Recombinator, Jewellery Recombinator
20 Atlas Keystones Singular Focus, Stream of Consciousness, Wellspring of Creation, Dance of Destruction, Twist of Fate, Wandering Path, Grand Design, Insatiable Appetite, Thirst for Knowledge (keystone), Throw the Gauntlet, Memento Mori, The Perfect Storm, Inevitable Ambush, Shadow Shaping, Eldritch Gaze, Wrath of the Cosmos, Height of Hubris, Captivated Interest, Valley of Darkness, Cosmic Wounds
7 Hidden Ascendancy Notables Nine Lives, Searing Purity, Soul Drinker, Fury of Nature, Fatal Flourish, Indomitable Resolve, Unleashed Potential
Unique Sentinels The Basilisk (Sentinel), The Hollow-Eyed Skull, The Angel of Vengeance, The Epiphany, The Twisted Trinity, The Unbridled Tempest, The Narcissist, The Depraved, The Raging Inferno, Insomnia, The Megalomaniac, The Ancient Angler, The Infested, Escalation, The Arbiter, The Benefactor, The Torturer
Base Sentinels Rusted Stalker Sentinel, Bronze Stalker Sentinel, Cobalt Stalker Sentinel, Brimstone Stalker Sentinel, Emberstone Stalker Sentinel, Obsidian Stalker Sentinel, Cryptic Stalker Sentinel, Primeval Stalker Sentinel, Ancient Stalker Sentinel

Bronze Pandemonium Sentinel, Cobalt Pandemonium Sentinel, Brimstone Pandemonium Sentinel, Emberstone Pandemonium Sentinel, Obsidian Pandemonium Sentinel, Cryptic Pandemonium Sentinel, Primeval Pandemonium Sentinel, Ancient Pandemonium Sentinel
Bronze Apex Sentinel, Cobalt Apex Sentinel, Brimstone Apex Sentinel, Emberstone Apex Sentinel, Obsidian Apex Sentinel, Cryptic Apex Sentinel, Primeval Apex Sentinel, Ancient Apex Sentinel, Cosmic Apex Sentinel

Gems Awakened Empower Support, Awakened Enhance Support, Awakened Enlighten Support