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  • Ensure PyPoE is exporting Map items to the new Map namespace
  • Update PyPoE schema to 3.16
  • Run import from PyPoE to wiki
  1. Mods
  2. Skills
  3. Monsters
  4. Areas
  5. Items
  6. Gems - there are still some issues with some gems' quality not importing correctly, but all new gems are in.
  7. Passives
  1. atlas Extract atlas information not covered by maps
  2. bestiary Extract bestiary information
  3. blight Extract blight information
  4. crafting_bench Extract crafting bench information
  5. delve Extract delve information
  6. harvest Extract harvest information (not covered by items)
  7. heist Extract heist information (not covered by items)
  8. monster Extract monster information
  9. pantheon Extract pantheon information
  10. synthesis Extract synthesis information
  11. ot Extract .ot file information
  12. minimap Extract minimap icon information
  • Remove Passives that are no longer on the passive tree.
  • Clean up unique maps
    • All versions except for the current version should be in the Map: namespace
    • All current version pages should actually have the item box for the current version of the map
    • Fix release version numbers on each unique map, and adjust the map disambiguation template (so the item table module?) to support more recent version links.
    • Old versions can be created for each map series.
    • Ensure old versions are marked as drop disabled.
  • Clean up old pantheon pages (old and new souls are clashing)
  • Update skill gem progression tables to match stat progression from gems
    • This is needed for new gems
    • and for any gems that have different stat progressions now, like strike skills)
    • and for awakened gems changed in 3.16 which do not yet have proper stat progression information like Awakened Burning Damage SupportAwakened Burning Damage SupportFire, Support
      Icon: b
      Level: (1-5)
      Cost & Reservation Multiplier: 130%
      Requires Level 72Supports any skill that hits enemies, or can deal burning damage directly.+(0-1) to Level of Supported Fire Skill Gems
      Supported Skills deal (35-39)% more Burning Damage

      Additional Effects per 1% Quality:
      Supported Skills deal 0.5% increased Burning Damage
      This is a Support Gem. It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Skill Gem you wish to augment. Right click to remove from a socket.
      or Awakened Cast While Channelling SupportAwakened Cast While Channelling SupportSupport, Channelling, Spell, Trigger
      Icon: W
      Level: (1-5)
      Cost & Reservation Multiplier: 120%
      Requires Level 72Must support both a channelling skill and a non-channelling spell skill to work. The channelling skill will trigger a spell periodically while channelling. Cannot support skills used by totems, traps, or mines. Vaal skills and skills with a reservation cannot be triggered.Trigger a Supported Spell every (0.34-0.3) seconds while Channelling Supported Skills
      Ignore Stuns while Using Supported Skills
      Supported Triggered Spells deal 30% less Damage
      You cannot Cast Supported Triggerable Spells directly

      Additional Effects per 1% Quality:
      Supported Channelling Skills deal 0.5% increased Damage
      Supported Triggered Spells deal 0.5% increased Damage
      This is a Support Gem. It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Skill Gem you wish to augment. Right click to remove from a socket.
  • Update Module:Skill to show mana per second costs for link gems, in the skill progression table
  • Update Version 3.16.0 patch notes page to link to all correct internal pages and add templates to items, gems, etc
  • Update version history tables of uniques, skill gems, and other significantly affected areas from the patch notes.
    • Specifically, the changes to gems due to ignite balancing are probably not in version history tables (Impending Doom wasn't updated)
  • 3.16 New item page check list
13 New Div Cards Desperate Crusade, A Stone Perfected, The Rabbit's Foot, Chasing Risk, The Prince of Darkness, The Catch, Eternal Bonds, Disdain, The Scout, Guardian's Challenge, The Forgotten Treasure, The Fox in the Brambles, The Aspirant
7 New Unique Items Gravebind, Mageblood, Stasis Prison, Stranglegasp, The Oppressor, The Squire, Uul-Netol's Vow
11 New Currency Tainted Chromatic Orb, Tainted Jeweller's Orb, Tainted Orb of Fusing, Tainted Blessing, Sacred Orb, Tainted Exalted Orb, Tainted Mythic Orb, Tainted Blacksmith's Whetstone, Tainted Armourer's Scrap, Tainted Chaos Orb, Tainted Divine Teardrop
2 new Fossil Deft Fossil, Fundamental Fossil
10 new Skill Gem Poisonous Concoction, Temporal Rift, Tornado, Energy Blade, Soul Link, Flame Link, Vampiric Link, Protective Link, Intuitive Link, Destructive Link
5 New unrelenting Timeless Emblems Unrelenting Timeless Karui Emblem, Unrelenting Timeless Maraketh Emblem, Unrelenting Timeless Eternal Emblem, Unrelenting Timeless Templar Emblem, Unrelenting Timeless Vaal Emblem
5 new Flawless Breachstones Xoph's Flawless Breachstone, Tul's Flawless Breachstone, Esh's Flawless Breachstone, Uul-Netol's Flawless Breachstone, Chayula's Flawless Breachstone
7 Misc New Items Kalguuran Delirium Orb, Rusted Expedition Scarab, Polished Expedition Scarab, Gilded Expedition Scarab, Winged Expedition Scarab, Kalguuran Incubator, Item Class: Amulet
  • Update Version History of all pages affected by 3.16
  • Add OAuth so users can login with their PoE accounts
  • Create Privacy policy page
  • Create a get-started guide for new editors, and encourage use of maintenance templates to make finding articles to edit easier
  • fix Template:Event typo, Price -> Prize
  • Finish to-do list

Testing item exports

This testing was done with the ggpk, so it is now outdated anyway.

Item Result Notes
Penitent Mask
Failed with errors
Iron Hat
Failed with errors
Iron Gauntlets
Failed with errors
Chaos Orb
Instilling Orb
Essence of Delirium
Blood-filled Vessel
Failed with errors
Inya's Key
Failed with errors
Rusted Abyss Scarab
Failed with errors
Amethyst Ring
Iolite Ring
Harbinger Bow
Tempered Foil
Diamond Flask
Potent Chaotic Resonator